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Expanded Composting on Campus
Composting bins expanded to North Campus and Kerckhoff Coffee House
Initially our composting efforts started as a kitchen composting program. In Fall 2015, composting bins were introduced for customer’s use at Lu Valle Commons. In 2016-2017, we expanded our composting bins to the North Campus Student Center and Kerckhoff Coffee House.

Since implementing kitchen composting and the Composting Pilot in Fall of 2015 we have diverted about 1100 tons of trash from the landfill, about 55% of our total waste stream.

UCLA Coffeehouses implemented a mug refill program reducing paper cup waste.
Biodegradable food packaging was introduced at the Greenhouse and North Campus Student Center.
UCLA Student Union installed air hand dryers, low flow toilets and waterless urinals.
The UCLA Store eliminated plastic bags.
Lollicup and Wetzel’s Pretzels on 1st Floor Ackerman
The Terrace Food Court on the 1st Floor of Ackerman Union under went a facelift in Fall 2016. We introduced Lollicup Fresh, serving bubble tea, flavored teas, iced coffee, and smoothies. Right next door Wetzel’s Pretzels updated their storefront and expanded their menu offerings.
ASUCLA opens the Greenhouse on the 1st Floor and the Jamba Juice lounge on A-level in Ackerman.
A-level, Ackerman Union opens as Avenue A with Bruin Buzz, Curbside, Carl’s Jr and a new Dining Room/TV Lounge.
A new LEED-certified Court of Sciences Student Center opens featuring sustainable architectural and landscaping elements.
Lu Valle Commons gets a remodel with new ASUCLA menus and concepts.
Bruin Custom Print
This new storefront on A-level of Ackerman Union offers one-stop shopping for any custom print request. Whether it’s copy and binding services, large format poster printing, banner printing, or short-run t-shirt printing, this is the place to go on campus.
Custom product orders for the campus community are also a speciality at Bruin Custom Print. The design staff is trained to offer assistance for your custom requests. Custom orders are produced by an approved licensee and support compliance of the UC Code of Conduct.
Textbooks • Inclusive Access
Patterned after several successful new programs around the country, Inclusive Access converts physical course materials into instantly accessible content, while reducing the cost to students. In partnership with UCLA Faculty, the UCLA Store, and publishers, this new model allows students to leverage their numbers to reduce the cost of required course materials for all students in a course.
Textbook Price Match was introduced at the UCLA Store.
The UCLA Store lowered textbook prices by $650,000
Textbook purchases accepted on the Bruin Bar account.
Expanded Rental titles offered to 25,000 for Spring Quarter.
Providing Space and Facilities for Campus Partners
ASUCLA continues to work with other campus entities and find ways to accommodate the space and facility needs of the UCLA community. The Ashe Center relocated the Bruin Health Pharmacy to an easily accessible space on A-level in Ackerman Union in Winter 2017.
A new Veteran and Transfer Students Center, currently under construction on the first floor of Kerckhoff Hall, will open before Fall of 2017. Our new loading dock and the underground tunnel access was completed with the help of the UCLA Facilities in Fall 2016.
The Branding Ad Hoc Committee
Efforts of this committee focused on outreach to the four entities of ASUCLA and the exploration of a positioning statement to better communicate ASUCLA’s value to campus.
SINCE 1919
The ASUCLA Student Union Programming Fund was increased to provide $325,000 per year to fund USAC and GSA programs.
USAC Gen Rep 3 Office and ASUCLA kick off the first UCLA T-shirt Contest at the 2013 Enormous Activities Fair.
ASUCLA donates $8,800 from the sales of the 2013 and 2014 winning contest tee to Unicamp.
ASUCLA donates $4,055, proceeds of the 2015 winning tee, to the ASUCLA Student Union Programming Fund.