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Composting at
Lu Valle Commons
Initially it started as a kitchen composting program at Lu Valle Commons, Ackerman Union, North Campus, and the South Campus Student Center. In Fall 2015, composting bins were introduced for customer’s use, at Lu Valle Commons with signage to help guide the proper disposal of specific items.
Since implementing kitchen composting and the Composting Pilot at LuValle, we have diverted about 300 tons of trash from the landfill, about 38% of our total waste stream. In Fall 2016, we will expand our Composting Pilot to North Campus Student Center.
In coordination with the USAC IVP Office, ASUCLA launched a video contest to raise awareness of composting on campus. Check out our top three winners!
UCLA Coffeehouses implemented a mug refill program reducing paper cup waste
Biodegradable food packaging was introduced at the Greenhouse and North Campus Student Center.
UCLA Student Union installed air hand dryers, low flow toilets and waterless urinals
The UCLA Store eliminated plastic bags
The Bruin
Reflection Space
This non-denominational space on the 3rd floor of Ackerman Union was established as a six month pilot to provide a safe area for prayer, meditation, and contemplation.
UCLA Student Union implemented 24 Hour Study Lounge during 10th & Finals Week.
The Art in the Union program initiated bringing original works of art by UCLA students to the walls throughout the Union.
Ackerman Open Late was a BOD initiatve directing longer hours of operation for the Student Union.
Open Study established meeting rooms not being used to be available as study spaces.
Bruin Viewpoint Room
With an outstanding view of Bruin Plaza, the Bruin Viewpoint Room will be temporarily utilized to greet incoming Bruins by the UCLA Undergraduate Admissions Office.
Kikka Sushi & Noodles
on Avenue A
Always popular with UCLA Bruins, Kikka Sushi and Noodles was relocated to Avenune A, Ackerman Union and reopened with an expanded menu.
ASUCLA opens the Greenhouse on the 1st Floor and the Jamba Juice lounge on A-level in Ackerman
A-level, Ackerman Union opens as Avenue A with Bruin Buzz, Curbside, Carl’s Jr and a new Dining Room/TV Lounge.
A new LEED-certified Court of Sciences Student Center opens featuring sustainable architectural and landscaping elements.
Lu Valle Commons gets a remodel with new ASUCLA menus and concepts.
UCLA Store
Hilltop Shop
Located in Covel Commons on “the Hill”, the Hilltop Shop underwent a face lift the summer of 2015 and reopened for new and returning Bruins moving in the Residential Halls.
Revenue Enhancement
Ad hoc Committee
This ad hoc, comprised of ASUCLA Board members and management, formed to explore and create revenue strategies that would enhance revenue to support the Student Union and keep the student union fee as low as possible for students.
The ASUCLA Interaction Fund was increased to provide $325,000 per year to fund USAC and GSA programs.
USAC Gen Rep 3 Office and ASUCLA kick off the first UCLA T-shirt Contest at the 2013 Enormous Activities Fair.
ASUCLA donates $8,800 from the sales of the 2013 and 2014 winning contest tee to Unicamp.
The ASUCLA Board of Directors designates proceeds of the 2015-16 winning tee to be added to the ASUCLA Interaction Fund.
Textbook Shopping
Our Textbook website launched this new service in Winter Quarter 2016, which allows Bruins to compare UCLA Store textbook prices with the other big players. Risky? Yes, but our mission is to provide excellent services to the campus community.
Textbook Price Match was introduced at the UCLA Store.
The UCLA Store lowered textbook prices by $650,000
Textbook purchases accepted on the Bruin Bar account.
Expanded Rental titles offered to 25,000 for Spring Quarter.