My Work Study applies to all ASUCLA Jobs!

  • What is Work Study?

    •  Work Study is a federal program. It enables students to earn money for college costs via part-time employment.
    • The federal government pays a portion of your wage, and ASUCLA pays the balance.
  • Where do I get info about Work Study jobs openings?

    • Visit our jobs boards to check out our current openings.
    • Work Study can be applied to any ASUCLA student job.
    • If you have been accepted a position with us, please let us know you qualify for Work Study so that we can process your paperwork accordingly.
  • What happens when my Work Study runs out?

    • Your job will continue regardless of your Work Study status.
    • If you receive more Work Study the following year, let us know and we’ll make the necessary changes, but it won’t affect your job with ASUCLA.
  • Does Work Study affect my chances of getting an ASUCLA job?

    • No. You have the same opportunity to work for us regardless of your Work Study eligibility.
  • How do I apply for Work Study?

    • To be considered for the Work Study program, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit any supporting documentation within the deadline period.
    • Once the UCLA Financial Aid Office receives your FAFSA info, your application is evaluated and a financial aid package is determined.
    • This package may include Federal Work Study.
  • More Information

    For complete information about Work Study, visit the UCLA Financial Aid Office’s Work Study site.