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Students: get increased value for your swipe and more options for mealtime!

Can’t make it back up the hill in time for a meal?  On campus late and looking for a snack? UCLA students with meal plans at the Residence Halls can take advantage of a new, more valuable Meal Voucher Program. The Meal Voucher Program, created by UCLA Dining Services and ASUCLA, allows students to trade one meal swipe for a meal voucher they can use on campus. The value of the Meal Coupon has been increased by both the residence halls and ASUCLA in recent years and is now worth $3.77. Now through the end of Fall quarter, coupon is worth $9 towards a beverage and meal on campus!

The full list of locations includes: North Campus Student Center; Northern Lights; Untitled; Lu Valle Commons; Jimmy’s Coffee House; Café 451; Stage Canteen; Bruin Buzz; Curbside; Taco Bell; Greenhouse; Lollicup; Wetzel’s Pretzels; Sweetspot; Kerckhoff Coffee House; Music Café; Café Synapse; Blaze Pizza; Fusion; Southern Lights; Terasaki Café. Full list of participating locations is on Remuneration document.

New coffee options on campus!

Coffee is an integral part of campus life. Whether it’s waking up for that 7am history lecture, or meeting friends for a relaxing break, coffee is essential. We now feature more coffee options at our various coffeehouses to satisfy the campus coffee experience. Visit Jimmy’s at Lu Valle Commons or Café 451 to savor a variety of Intelligentsia coffee beans. Peet’s Coffee is now being served in the Court of Sciences Student Center at Southern Lights. Our other coffeehouses, including the Kerckhoff Coffee House and Bruin Buzz in Ackerman, have upgraded to quality Wild Owl beans from Farmer Brothers. And if you’re a fan of Nitro coffee visit the Kerckhoff Coffee House, Northern Lights at North Campus, Jimmy’s, or Cafe Synapse.  For coffee house locations and hours, use the ASUCLA App or here.


Fair Trade Certified!

We’ve carried Fair Trade coffee in our coffee houses on the UCLA campus since the 1990’s. We also currently carry Fair Trade chocolate bars, Numi tea, as well as white and brown sugar in our coffeehouses.

Fair Trade is a third-party certification process that sets standards for the way coffee is produced and how much a farmer/farming cooperative earns per pound of coffee sold. The criteria for determining Fair Trade status are: fair prices for farmers and decent working and living conditions for workers. The Fair Trade coffee available in our coffee houses is also certified organic, shade-grown, and hand roasted. While you sip and savor this excellent coffee, you’ll feel good knowing it was fairly procured. For coffee house locations and hours, use the ASUCLA App or here.

Lunch just got better in more ways than one at UCLA!

In May 2018 Blaze Pizza roared to life at the Court of Sciences Student Center bringing custom built, fast fire’d pizza to a hungry student body. Select any toppings for one single price and enjoy in minutes – yummy! Visit Blaze weekdays, check hours on the ASUCLA App or here.

Bring on the Veggies!

After doing extensive surveying, Veggie Grill was selected to bring a fully plant-based menu to campus. Located in the 1st Floor Food Court in Ackerman Union, Veggie Grill began serving a vegetarian and vegan menu with plant-based burgers, chicken sandwiches, tacos, salads, and more at the end of 2018 school year. Open daily, check hours on the ASUCLA App or here.