Whether you need a place to study or a spot to catch some zzz’s, we’ve got study lounges throughout the Student Union with comfy chairs and great atmosphere.
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    Kerckhoff Second Floor Study Lounge

    Kerckhoff Hall, 2nd Floor, Hours 8am – 11pm

    This lounge is a smaller version of its upstairs sister, the Louise Kerckhoff Study Lounge, but the lights are just as bright and the couches just as cozy. Just steps away from the Kerckhoff Coffeehouse also make this lounge a great place to spend time between classes to catch up on some reading and have a cup of coffee.

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    Louise Kerckhoff Study Lounge

    Kerckhoff Hall, 3rd Floor, Hours 8am – 11pm

    Louise Kerckhoff Study Lounge, originally dubbed the Women’s Smoking Room, is now a smoke-free, co-ed lounge. Study the original stained glass in the bay window to find the seals of five prominent women’s colleges for a clue to its past. Today, students find this respite on the third floor of Kerckhoff is the perfect place to sink into a comfortable couch and catch up on studying.

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    Jamba Juice Lounge

    Ackerman Union, A-Level, Hours Mon-Thur 8am – 1am, Fri-Sun 8am-11pm