UCLA® x NIL Co-branded Consumer Goods & Services


NCAA Policy

On July 1, 2021, the NCAA D-I Board voted to implement a temporary policy allowing student athletes to engage in commercial activities (e.g. endorsements,  sponsorships, consumer product licensing, etc.) using their name, image, and likeness (hereinafter, “NIL”) while continuing to retain their collegiate athletics eligibility. Important NIL policy guidelines pertaining to all current and prospective UCLA student athletes (hereinafter “Student Athlete”) are provided by UCLA Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and may be found here.


UCLA® Brand Consumer Goods & Services Licensing

Through the Associated Students UCLA (“ASUCLA”), in 1973 UCLA became the first university in the United States to establish a formal trademark licensing program for the purpose of controlling and responsibly managing commercial and other uses of the UCLA name and related names, images, logos, trade-dress and other identifying symbols/likenesses (hereinafter collectively, “UCLA Marks”.)  Today UCLA Marks are recorded upon the trademark registries of numerous countries and UCLA® brand goods and services are sold around the world in more than 80 countries. A list of UCLA licensees (hereinafter “Licensees”) serving the U.S. market may be found here.

ASUCLA shares in UCLA Student Athletes’ enthusiasm surrounding recent updates to NIL policy. Please read below for more information.

“UCLA Marks x Student Athlete NIL” Licensing Guidelines

  • UCLA: Under the July 1, 2021, interim NCAA policy, UCLA (hereinafter “University”) may choose to permit Licensees  to use UCLA Marks in combination with Student Athlete NIL, subject to Student Athlete approval,   for the purpose of creating co-branded consumer goods and/or services (hereinafter, “Collab”).


  • Student Athlete: Under the July 1, 2021, interim NCAA policy, a Student Athlete may choose to authorize use of their NIL for certain commercial activities including Collab opportunities.  A Student Athlete and/or their authorized representative is responsible for negotiating directly with Licensees for use of Student Athlete NIL for any Collab. (A list of Licensees may be found here.) University does not represent nor purport to represent Student Athlete NIL rights and University’s staff members and its other representatives may not compensate or otherwise arrange compensation to any Student Athlete for their NIL.


  • Licensees: Licensees wishing to propose any Collab opportunities must present their proposals separately to both University and the applicable Student Athlete.


For University review, Licensees must first apply to add NIL co-branded rights to their UCLA license through University’s representative licensing agent, The Collegiate Licensing Company (“CLC”).  Each such Collab proposal will be evaluated by University on a case-by-case basis through UCLA Trademarks & Licensing.


For Student Athlete review, Licensees are responsible for negotiating directly with Student Athlete or their authorized representative all terms and conditions pertaining to use of Student Athlete NIL.  Negotiations for use of Student Athlete NIL will not be handled by University or CLC, nor will royalties or other payments owed to a Student Athlete for use of their NIL pass through or otherwise be administered by University or CLC.


  • Disclaimer: University makes no warranty, express or implied, that a Collab will be commercially successful and disclaims any liability arising out of the manufacture, sale, or distribution of Collab goods/services.


  • Disclosure: Each Student Athlete has a responsibility in accordance with NCAA policy to report all NIL activities, including any Collab, through procedures outlined by UCLA Department of Intercollegiate Athletics which may be found here.


  • Conflict with Other UCLA Programs: University will evaluate, in its sole, subjective discretion, each Collab proposal, and reserves the right to decline such proposals, including any it deems to be in conflict with any University program.


  • Prohibited Goods and Services: University does not license UCLA Marks for use in connection with certain categories of goods and services and is prohibited under state law from permitting their use in association with any business, social, political, or religious organization/activity.


  • Other NIL Activities: Each Collab proposal will be handled as described above.   Requests pertaining to any other type of NIL activity (e.g. endorsements,  sponsorships, etc.) should be directed to UCLA Department of Intercollegiate Athletics in accordance with its guidelines.


  • Subject to Change: The NIL landscape continues to change daily and University reserves the right to modify these Collab guidelines in consideration of any updates in NCAA policy, University policy, and/or applicable federal and/or state legislation.