Buy Licensed!

Why buy only officially licensed UCLA products?

  • Show Your Bruin Pride!

    UCLA® licensed products play a significant role in communicating and perpetuating Bruin pride and spirit. Donning or displaying UCLA® licensed products is a fun and easy way to show your affiliation and pride in the UCLA brand and all that it stands for.

  • Support UCLA Students!

    A portion of each sale of UCLA® officially licensed products goes toward enhancing UCLA student programs, services and facilities and to proactively manage and defend the UCLA® trademark portfolio around the world.

  • Protect UCLA!

    UCLA® officially licensed products are produced by companies who ensure and indemnify the university in connection with the products they produce and who agree to abide by UCLA policies and the law.

  • Social Responsibility!

    UCLA® officially licensed products are produced by companies who commit to disclosing their supply-chain factories and who continuously improve their management processes and procedures to ensure implementation of fair, ethical, and human labor practices throughout their supply chains. Unlicensed vendors are not contractually bound to uphold these standards and represent various other risks to the University.

How do I know that it’s licensed?

  • U.S. retail market:

    Look for this Officially Licensed Collegiate Product label when making your next UCLA product purchase!


  • Promotional product giveaways and gifts:

    If you are a guest at a UCLA-sponsored activity you may receive “UCLA” gift items – – a tote bag, cup, hat, shirt, pen, USB, etc. The UCLA host department/program* works through UCLA Purchasing and UCLA Trademarks & Licensing representatives to select UCLA® promotional products only from officially licensed resources.

    * Note to UCLA departments/programs: If you have any questions on how to ensure that the promotional items you’re looking to source for your next event are licensed, please check out these FAQs or contact us at any time!

  • International Retail Products:

    Did you know that UCLA® licensed products are sold in many other markets around the world? Bruin pride and the UCLA lifestyle are an inspiration to many, making the UCLA campus borders just the beginning of UCLA’s reach! International customers should look for labels such as these when shopping in their local retail channels:

    Hang Tag

Reporting Counterfeit Products

Please help us curb the unauthorized production and distribution of counterfeit UCLA products. Why?
  • It’s illegal.

    Fake product sales represent a world-wide multi-billion dollar illegal business activity.

  • Help a friend.

    Fake product sales hurt people by fueling other illegal activities such as illicit drug and human trafficking epidemics around the world.

  • Be safe.

    Fake products may be of inferior quality or worse, pose serious health risks to you, your loved ones, and the environment.

  • They cost others time, money and jobs.

    Costs to the University in pursuing the unauthorized use of the UCLA name and trademarks reduce resources that would otherwise be available to enhance student life and support the University’s pursuit of its mission. Counterfeit products represent unfair competition that costs UCLA, its licensees, and legitimate retailers money and jobs.

  • Jeopardizes athletes' eligibility.

    Jerseys and other consumer products featuring the UCLA trademarks together with current team athlete names/images not only infringe the UCLA trademarks but the rights of publicity of the players. Further, such commercial use of athlete names and likenesses jeopardizes their NCAA eligibility. [It’s a foul ball that hurts everyone!]

  • We need your help!

    Please be part of the solution– don’t purchase suspected counterfeit UCLA merchandise. Instead, report suspected counterfeit activity to us.