Flexible jobs to work around your class schedule!
  • Employee Discount

    You get 20% off BearWear and many other UCLA Store items. Several times a year there are Employee Appreciation Days with even bigger discounts!

  • Flexible Schedules

    If your class schedule changes next quarter, odds are we can adjust your work schedule to match!

  • Work On Campus

    Our locations are right on campus, so don’t spend a lot of time (unpaid time!) traveling to and from work.

  • Résumé Building

    Whether you’re headed for a job or for graduate school, you’ll find your ASUCLA experience can help set you apart from other applicants.

  • Bonus Programs

    Exceptional performance awards, spot bonus awards, and an employee referral program are all opportunities for student employees to receive a little extra cash for their extra efforts.

  • Meal Allowance

    If you work for UCLA Restaurants, you get a meal for about half price on the days you work, not to mention free soft drinks!

  • Rapid Promotion Schedule

    Every department has its student supervisors and senior supervisors. UCLA Restaurants promotes more than half of its student employees to supervisory positions. So your starting wage is just that, only a start!