• Time Clock

    You will be paid according to the amount of time indicated by your clock in/out on the Kronos Timekeeper. Therefore, make sure you always “clock-in” (swipe your card) the moment before beginning work, and “clock-out” immediately after completing your work shift. If at any time you forget to do either, inform your Department Supervisor who will enter the correct time into the system.

    If you pick up a shift in a department other than your Home Department, speak to the supervisor to assist in recording your hours.

    Unexplained clocking irregularities can result in disciplinary actions up to, and including, dismissal. Therefore, never “clock-in” for time that you are not working and never swipe anyone else’s card through the timekeeper for any reason. Both the person swiping another person’s card into the timekeeper and the card holder may be dismissed. Failure to clock-out immediately upon the conclusion of a work shift also violates ASUCLA time clock procedures and warrants possible dismissal.

  • Pay

    Paydays occur every other Wednesday. You may pick up your check from the Store Manager’s Office or designated Store Office after noon on each payday (whenever the Store Manager’s Office is mentioned, refer to your own Store Office). They will remain there for one pay period. If a paycheck is not picked up by then, it will be returned to the Payroll Office in Kerckhoff Hall 219. Please ensure that the address indicated on the check is accurate. If it is not, notify your Department Manager.

    Should you fail to receive a check or have problems regarding its amount, contact your Department Manager.

    ASUCLA provides the option of “Direct Deposit”. Instead of picking up your paycheck at your Store Office, it can be deposited automatically into your bank account. If you wish to choose this option, contact Payroll at ext. 48823.

  • Attendance

    Your attendance record is very important. Department policy states that you are directly responsible for all assigned hours, and hours you are having covered. It is imperative that you have any shift covered that you cannot work, and that you call in if you are going to be late for any reason. Because of the strain on the staff that a no-show or lateness causes, there is a very stringent attendance policy.

    The following is ASUCLA’s Attendance Policy, which applies to all ASUCLA employees. Please note that this Policy is intended to provide supervisors and managers with a guideline in addressing poor attendance. Extenuating attendance circumstances (such as overall poor attendance due to a combination of unnotified absence, excessive absence and excessive tardiness) may result in other actions.

    Notification of Absence or Tardiness:

    You are responsible for notifying the supervisors/managers of absence or tardiness no less than one hour before the start of a scheduled shift, if at all possible. This procedure must be repeated for each day of absence and each occasion of tardiness, unless you are hospitalized. Should you have an extended illness and are unable to report to work for some time, please notify a supervisor or a manager as much in advance as possible. Although your supervisor may not be able to hold your scheduled hours for you, they may be able to reschedule you when you are ready to return to work after an extended illness.

    Unnotified Absences:

    An unnotified absence is defined as a failure to notify the department when absent as detailed above. An unnotified absence may result in immediate dismissal.

    Excessive Absence:

    An absence occurrence is defined as one or a number of consecutive days of absence. Supervisors/managers may request a Doctor’s written excuse for absences due to illness. Disciplinary actions are as follows:

    Excessive Tardiness:

    Tardiness is reporting to work more than 5 minutes past the start of the scheduled shift, or returning to work from break or meal periods more than 5 minutes past the scheduled time of return.
    Disciplinary action begins when the following occur within a 30 day time period:

    Each department compiles an employee contact list. You should use this list when you have hours that you wish to give away. Please keep in mind that it is absolutely necessary for you to attempt to fill your hours before calling in sick. If you are sick and have made every effort to fill your hours, call in and speak to your Department Supervisor or according to your department’s guidelines. Failure to obtain a replacement and not reporting to work constitutes an unnotified absence.

    If you will be late to work, call to inform your Department Manager, Supervisor or designated Store Office. State the reason and the length of time you will be late. Repeated tardiness will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

  • Breaks and Meals

    Breaks and meal periods are scheduled by your supervisor based on the operating needs of the department, according to the following schedules:

    You may not combine 2 breaks to equal one, add breaks to a meal period, nor take breaks at the beginning or end of your work shift.

    Length of meal periods when more than 6 hours are worked will be determined by your supervisor.

    You are paid for 15 minute breaks, but not paid for meal periods. Therefore, clock in and out for each meal period. You are required to take a meal if you work more than 6 hours. If eligible for two 15-minute breaks, they may not be combined to equal one 30-minute break, be added to a meal period, or taken at the end of your work shift. If you forget to clock in or out for your meal period, notify your Department or Student Supervisor.



  • Lockers

    All student employees must obtain a locker combination. Personal belongings and purchases must be secured in your locker before clocking in for work.

    Due to the limited number of lockers, you will have to share your locker with one or two other employees from your Department. This is why it is essential that you do not give anyone your combination. Career employees may secure their personal possessions in their desks rather than in a locker. The Store reserves the right to inspect the contents of lockers and desks.

  • Uniforms

    The Employee Uniform package consists of 2 Polo shirts and a name badge. A complete uniform package is issued to all UCLA Store student employees.

    Employee Uniform
    Polo shirt and name badge must be worn at all times while working. Shirts may be worn underneath the employee polo shirt. Polo shirt must be clean with no tears, stains, or patches and worn tucked in. Complimentary attire includes full-length pants or shorts/skirts of appropriate length (that do not rise above mid-thigh when seated). Low-cut, sheer or otherwise revealing styles of clothing, including spandex leggings are not allowed. Overalls and Outerwear such as jackets and sweatshirts are permitted to be worn over the polo shirt as long as the name badge is visible. Outerwear should be UCLA emblematic. Hats may be worn as long as they are plain (solid color, no design) or UCLA emblematic. Attire that is obscene, vulgar or offensive to others is not permitted. Closed toe shoes are required. The name badge must be free of stickers.
    In addition, employees are not permitted to wear attire of any type that is adorned with printed statements, buttons or pins unless issued by the department. Employees must be clean, neat and well groomed.

    Uniform Deposits/Returns
    A $25 uniform deposit will be deducted from your paycheck in order to insure care and return of these items. The full value of this deduction will be reimbursed on your final paycheck if the package is returned in good and clean condition upon the end of employment with the UCLA Store. Unclean uniforms will result in a cleaning deduction upon return.

    Uniform Cleaning
    It is your responsibility to launder your uniform as needed in order to maintain a professional appearance while at work. In the event the uniform becomes worn-out through normal wear, a replacement will be issued at no cost to you. If your uniform becomes damaged through negligence, it is your obligation to purchase a replacement.

    Disciplinary Action
    You must arrive for your assigned shift in proper uniform attire. Employees who report to work in violation of these guidelines will receive the following disciplinary action:

    First occurrence may result in verbal warning; next occurrence may result in written warning; following occurrence may result in final warning; any occurrence following final warning may result in dismissal. In all occurrences employee may be sent home without pay.

  • Stockroom

    Employees are permitted only in their own Department’s stockroom, unless directed by a Store Supervisor. When the stockroom is located off the sales floor area, at least two employees from each Department are required to gain access.

  • Floor Conduct

    Employees may not eat, drink, study, or read while on the sales floor or in the stockrooms. Employees must take breaks or lunches in a suitable resting area outside of the Store. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in or around the Store.

    Employees may not use cell phones during work shifts. If carried on your person while at work, cell phones must be on silent mode. All personal listening devices are prohibited for use during your work shift. Devices may be carried on your person as long as they are in the off mode and headphones are not visible. Use of these devices is permissible during your scheduled breaks and lunches.

    Visiting with fellow employees while on your break should be kept to a minimum as it distracts them from performing their assigned duties.

    Employees may not sit down while operating a register unless they have received specific permission to do so from a Department Manager because of an injury which prohibits standing. Sitting while operating a register may result in increased cashiering errors.

    Whenever the Store becomes particularly active in an area or if a special Store project needs completion, a Customer Service Manager may require your assistance in an area other than your own Department. Additionally, a Customer Service Manager may request the opening of an additional register. In both cases, every employee is expected to abide by these requests immediately.



  • Store Access

    Employees are not permitted in the Store before the Opening Store Manager enters or after the Closing Store Manager exits. If your Department requires extra work periods, a Department Supervisor will contact the Store Manager one day before the additional hours are required to see if a special arrival or exit time can be arranged.

    In the Ackerman Store, B-Level employees arriving to open the Store or exiting after the Store closes must do so through the employee exit located off Bruinwalk.

  • Employee Discount

    As an ASUCLA employee, you are currently entitled to a 20% discount on the following items:

    • Art Supplies
    • Bearwear
    • Campus Beautique
    • Computer Supplies
    • Essentials Merchandise
    • Fast Track Merchandise
    • General Books
    • Electronics

    There are no discounts on the following items:

    • Bearwear: Concessions Merchandise, Contest T-Shirt, Diploma Frames
    • BookZone: Discount Books (20% and 30% Titles), Magazines, BOS Orders, CDs and DVDs
    • Campus Photo Studio: Yearbooks, Yearbook and Portrait Sittings
    • Computer Store: Hardware and Software, Peripherals, Apple branded products
    • Electronics: Calculators, MP3 Players
    • Graduation Etc.: All Merchandise, Caps & Gowns
    • Market: Flowers, Confections, Food, Health, & Beauty Items, Household Supplies
    • Outlying Stores: Confections, Food, Health, & Beauty Items, Household Supplies, Lottery, Health Sciences Books, Dry Cleaning/Laundry Services, Embroidery Services, Computer Software, Medical & Dental Merchandise
    • Other: Consignment Merchandise, Gift Cards
    • Textbooks: Textbooks, UCLA Course Reader Solutions Titles

    This discount privilege applies only to purchases you make for:

    • Yourself.
    • Your spouse.
    • Dependents living in your household.
    • Gifts from to you anyone you personally know.

    You may not apply your employee discount to purchases you make for anyone from whom you will be reimbursed. Violations of Employee Discount policy/procedure will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

    In order to receive your discount, present your BruinCard or Temporary Discount Card prior to the beginning of the transaction.

  • Purchases

    You may make purchases before and after work, or on breaks, but not while you are on duty. If you make a purchase while on a break, immediately place your purchase in your locker. Personal belongings are not permitted on the sales floor or in the stockrooms. You may not ring up your own purchase. Instead, when you wish to make a purchase from your own Department, another customer service representative must complete the transaction. The Store Manager/Loss Prevention agent reserves the right to check the package of an employee, which they carry out of the Store.

  • General Safety

    Every ASUCLA employee has an important role in safety and accident prevention, and is expected to cooperate fully with established safety measures. All employees should report unsafe conditions or procedures to your supervisor. Employees should only operate equipment on which they have been properly trained. Equipment may include box cutters (safety blade) and hand trucks (utility dolly). Use proper lifting techniques when lifting materials. Keep your back straight, bend at your knees, and lift with your legs. Only lift materials you can comfortably manage. Request assistance from co-workers for heavy objects.

  • On the Job Injuries

    Our goal is to provide a safe and accident free work environment. However, even under the safest of conditions unforeseen accidents may occur. If you become ill or are injured while at work, no matter how minor, immediately notify your Department Manager. Describe the nature of the injury, how it occurred, time, place, and other pertinent information.

    Your Department Manager is well aware of these procedures and will assist you in every possible way. Human Resources, at ext. 57055, are also available to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, if you are aware of hazards to employees in your work area, please let a Department or Store Supervisor know of your concerns.

  • Employee Theft

    Any employee apprehended stealing UCLA Store property or merchandise will immediately be dismissed in addition to facing the disciplinary actions which adhere to all shoplifters. This pertains to items in storage areas and in other ASUCLA Divisions, as well as to merchandise within the Store. Purposely charging a lower price than listed or omitting an item, or making change for yourself are all additional grounds for disciplinary action up to and including immediate dismissal.

  • Dismissible Offenses

    The following lists some examples of grounds for immediate dismissal (this list is not intended to be all inclusive):

    1. Theft/dishonesty, including misappropriation of Association time, property, money, merchandise or product, and engaging in any illicit activity.
    2. Use of verbal or physical violence or force.
    3. Unauthorized destruction of Association property.
    4. Unlawful discrimination or harassment.
    5. Falsification of Association records or documents.
    6. Insubordination.
    7. Failure to comply with established policies and procedures.
    8. Violations/misuse of employee discount and meal allowance programs.
    9. Unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, use, purchase or sale of alcohol or of controlled substances in the work place or while engaged in ASUCLA business; use or abuse of substances, legal or illegal, in a manner that impairs performance.
    10. Failing to notify your supervisor/manager when absent (unnotified absence and job abandonment).
    11. Sleeping on the job.
    12. Misrepresenting facts to your supervisors/managers.
    13. Providing false testimony in the course of an investigation.
    14. Bringing forth false or malicious complaints about others in the work place; failing to comply with an investigation into work place complaints.
    15. Receiving an overall rating of “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory” on a performance evaluation.
  • Conditions of Employment

    ASUCLA retains the right to establish or modify compensation, benefits, working conditions, positions, duties, and other terms and conditions of employment with or without advance notice. This includes the right to impose discipline of whatever type and for whatever reasons that ASUCLA, at its sole discretion, determines to be appropriate.

    Individuals who have been involuntarily separated from prior employment with ASUCLA due to unsatisfactory job performance and/or misconduct are not eligible for rehire at any time in the future.

    Individuals who have been convicted of theft from ASUCLA or who have admitted to theft are not eligible for employment with ASUCLA at any time in the future.