• Cashiering Policies and Procedures

    This section of the handbook details the basic Storewide cashiering policies and procedures. Every statement within applies to all UCLA Store cash register operators, unless otherwise indicated. Your Department Manager will provide any specific additions in writing.

  • Cashier Training Program

    Before being allowed to operate a register, all customer service representatives must be assigned a unique cashier identification number. Any unauthorized use of a cashier ID other than your own may result in corrective action.

    The Cashier Training Program consists of the following:

    1. Train for a minimum of six hours on a register within your Department under the direct supervision of a qualified customer service representative.
    2. Take written exams and oral exams administered by your own Department.

    Your understanding of this material is vital to your success as a UCLA Store Employee. Cash handling carries with it a very high responsibility on your part to follow written policies and procedures.

  • Audits

    To assure adherence to the following policies, the Store continually audits cash handling activities during and after the sales date.

  • Register Messages

    The registers in the Store have been programmed to enforce many of the procedures listed in this Handbook. They also assist the cashier in executing a variety of transaction types and indicate when an error has occurred.



  • Opening a Register

    Obtain your assigned register’s Opening Fund, Closing Deposit Bag, and three Plastic Document Bags from the Store Manager’s Office (or the store vault for outlying stores). You may only check out an Opening Change Fund if you are a fully trained customer service representative. Print your last name, your Department Initials, and indicate the time at which you are checking out the bag in the “Opening Fund Bag” section of the Fund Bag Control Sheet followed by your initials.


    1. Open the register drawer by entering your 9-digit cashier ID number and pressing ENTER.
    2. At the message, “This register has been closed and Z’ed. Would you like to re-open the register using a new drawer?” select Y = yes and press ENTER. Place the opening receipt inside a plastic documents bag and place it on top of the register. This bag will hold all opening and closing paperwork.
    3. Remove the money and the Opening Form indicating the opening amounts from the Opening Fund Bag. Count the money and write your initials on the “Rec’d By” section of the form. (If the amount in the fund bag does not match what is indicated on the Opening form, notify the Store Manager immediately. MCO should be notified by the Store Manager the same day.
    4. Place all the money into the register till.
    5. Place the Opening form underneath the register till.
    6. Secure the bank deposit bag and plastic document bags within the register area.

    Summary of Procedures for Opening a Register

    1. Obtain the Opening Fund Bag, a Closing Deposit Bag, Plastic Document bags, from the Store Vault.
    2. Open the register drawer.
    3. Count the money and place it in the register, verifying the amounts indicated Opening form.
    4. Place your initials next to “Rec’d By” on the opening form.
    5. Place the opening receipt inside the opening/closing plastic documents bag on the register.
  • Operating a Register

    1. Enter your 9-digit cashier ID number when the register prompts “CASHIER ID”.
    2. Scan each item separately, even when items appear the same.
    3. Scannable. Scan the bar code or price tag and verify that the information on the tag matches the register information. If there is a discrepancy, notify a Student Supervisor.
    4. Non-Scannable. First scan the merchandise. When prompted “Do you want to input Dept./Class (Y/N)?,” type Y. Type in the Dept./Class and press ENTER. Next, type in the price.
    5. Once all merchandise has been scanned, ask the customer if they would like a bag for their purchases. If yes, let the customer know the cost of each bag is $0.10. Scan the BAG SKU or press the BAG preset on the register. Press TOTAL.
    6. Enter the Tender Amount and press ENTER (if the tender amount is the same as the amount of the sale, you can press ENTER without typing the tender amount).
    7. Enter the Tender Type: Select 1-21 and press ENTER.
    1. Cash
    2. Check
    3. Bankcard
    4. Gift Certificate
    5. MOC Issued
    6. Customer Charges
    7. Deposit
    8. BAR
    9. BAR Diff
    10. MOC redeemed
    11. Bruin Card
    12. Gift Card
    21. B&P Reward Card


    Select the appropriate size and strength bag for the purchase. Hand the sales receipt directly to the customer. The sales receipt acts as the proof of purchase for returns and for security reasons. If the customer does not want their sales receipt, tear it in half and throw it away.

    Summary of Operating a Register

    1. Scan each item of merchandise separately into the register.
    2. Press TOTAL.
    3. Enter the appropriate tender amount and tender type for the form of payment.
    4. Place the merchandise into a bag and hand the customer the receipt.
  • Closing a Register

    1. Obtain Closing Deposit Bag and three or four Plastic Documents Bags, depending if customer charges were processed.
    2. Have the Supervisor generate an X-Report.
    3. Count and match the number of checks to those listed on the X-Report.
    4. Separate and place all MOCs, Gift Cards, B+P Cards, and Gift Certificates in a Plastic Document Bag.
    5. Place the bankcard slips and coupons (if applicable) in a separate Plastic Document Bag.
    6. Place the customer charge forms in a separate Plastic Document Bag.
    7. Log into the Closing Counts Screen. Select N (New Transaction), L (Closing Counts).
    8. Place the currency, coin, checks, and the opening fund form (under the register till) into the Closing Deposit Bag. Seal the bag.
    9. Place closing counts receipt and all closing register reports into the Opening/Closing Plastic Document Bag.
    10. Transport the Closing Deposit bag and the plastic document bags to the Store Vault.

    Payment types and forms are separated and distributed in the following manner:


    1. Print your last name, sign your dept initials, your initials and indicate the time at which you are turning in the bag under Closing Deposit Bag section of the Fund Bag Control Sheet.
    2. Remain in the vault area until the Vault Custodian initials the designated column of the Fund Bag Control Sheet. Only when the Vault Custodian initials the Fund Bag Control Sheet does the responsibility for the Deposit Bag transfer. Never leave Deposit Bags unattended or with another employee at the Vault area. Remain with the Deposit Bag until the Vault Custodian assumes
    3. Before leaving the register for the day, check to see if the area around the register is clean and orderly. Ask your Department or Student Supervisor if anything else needs to be done before your departure.

    Summary of Closing Register Procedures

    1. Have a supervisor generate an X report.
    2. Match up paper documents with the totals on the X report. Place all non-currency documents (i.e. MOC’s, Gift Cards, etc.) in a Plastic Documents Bag and all the bankcard drafts in a separate Plastic Documents Bag.
    3. Perform the closing counts function on the register and place it in the Opening/Closing plastic documents bag.
    4. Place currency, coin, checks, and opening fund form in the Closing Deposit Bag and seal.
    5. Transport the Deposit Bag to the Store Vault.
    6. Sign the Fund Bag Control Sheet.
    7. Wait for the Vault Custodian to sign the Fund Bag Control Sheet before leaving.
  • Register Preset Keys

    There are several cashiering functions that are frequently used. They have a pre-set key on the register, which allows for quick execution of these functions without having to access a register menu.

    Use the BACKSPACE key to delete single character entries.

    Allows you to move back one step in your transaction to correct any mistakes. E.g., if you total the sale and need to add merchandise, press the BKUP key to return to the Enter Product ID prompt.

    Special Discounts
    The store offers various discount programs to a variety of customer groups. Select the appropriate SP key based on the discount percentage. SP presets include 10%, 15%, 20%, and a variable discount (SP 0). Special discounts take the designated percentage off all discountable items within a transaction. The discount can be selected at any point during the transaction.

    Employee Discount
    Use the EMP key to process employee discount transactions. After completing the transaction, an additional slip will be generated for the employee to sign. This slip contains the discount given.

    Item Reverse
    In order to delete an item from a transaction, press the REV key and scan the merchandise to be removed. This works for any item in a transaction at any point in the sale.

    Last Item Void
    To remove the very last item scanned, press the LAST key. At the prompt, Do you wish to correct the previous line item? Select Y = yes or N = no.

    Void Immediate
    To void a sale prior to completing a transaction, press the VOID key. Place the voided receipt in the Opening/Closing plastic documents bag. If part of the transaction has been processed (split tender) before the VOID key has been pressed, an AUTO POST VOID receipt will print and should be attached to the original receipt before placing in the Opening/Closing plastic documents bag. Reasons for voiding a transaction:

    (a) The customer has changed their mind about a purchase.
    (b) The customer fails to produce sufficient funds for payment.
    (c) The register malfunctions.

    Price Look-Up
    To check the price of an item, press the LKUP key. Scan the item. At the register prompt Add the item to the transaction, select Y = yes or N = No.

    Multiple Quantities
    When a customer is purchasing multiple quantities of same merchandise (the SKU must be identical), press the QTY key. Enter the product quantity and press ENTER. Scan the merchandise. The merchandise will ring in at the extended price. Items of different color or size have different SKUs and must be rung individually.

    For endorsing items other than routine payment types, use this feature. Press the EDRS key. At the register prompt, Specify endorsement type: (S)hort or (L)ong, select the type of endorsement needed. The short endorsement reprints primarily the total dollar amount of the transaction and the sales date and time. The long endorsement reprints the full transaction detail.

    This feature is used for ringing up merchandise returns when additional items are also being purchased. Press the EXCH key to begin the transaction.

    Price Over-ride
    This feature should only be used when there is a discrepancy between the tag price and the register price on a regular priced item. To override the price, press POVR and scan the item. Enter the correct price for the merchandise. Confirm all price overrides with an SCS or manager.

    Promo Over-Ride
    The most frequent use of the PRMO key is in conjunction with processing regularly priced items, which are currently at a promotional price. On occasion, both Price Over-Ride and Promo Over-Ride keys are used together in order to over-ride temporary markdowns. POVR must be pressed first, followed by PRMO. Ensure that the register screen indicates both features have been activated.

  • Register Features

    Gift Receipt
    To print a gift receipt for a customer, select N, ENTER, Y(Gift Receipt) immediately after the customer’s sale transaction is completed. Hand customer original and gift receipt. Repeat procedure if customer requests multiple receipts.

    To subtotal, type S and press ENTER at the Enter Product ID prompt. The subtotal information includes the merchandise count and the total dollar amount, including tax.

    Previous Screen
    In a large transaction, to view items that are no longer visible on the screen, type O and press ENTER at the Enter Product ID prompt. To continue with the transaction, press ENTER.

    Repaint Screen
    If the register screen becomes distorted, attempt to correct this by typing N, ENTER, and Z.

    Training Mode
    This feature is accessible to supervisors in order to utilize the register in a non-active mode for training purposes. Transactions rung in Training Mode are not recorded to the permanent file.

    Close/Exit Register
    This is a feature used by Supervisors and Managers.



  • Cash

    General Policies
    The UCLA Store accepts all denominations of United States currency.
    Place all $2, $50, and $100 bills beneath the register till. This reduces the potential for becoming a target for till-tappers. Be sure to close the register drawer when it is not in use. You can always re-open it if needed. If a customer leaves without their change, immediately attempt to attract the customer’s attention. If necessary, have another employee pursue the customer. If the customer cannot be reached, notify a Supervisor immediately. In the event that a customer claims that they were short-changed, direct the customer to Customer Service or to a designated Store Manager for assistance.

    Verify the amount of cash the customer is using towards their purchase. Use the counterfeit pen provided at each register area on $50 and $100 bills. Mark across the front side of the bill in an unprinted area. If the bill is counterfeit, the ink will turn black or dark brown.
    On the register:

    1. Type the amount of cash given by the customer.
    2. Enter 1 for cash.
    3. The register will calculate the change due to the customer. Be sure to provide the receipt and correct change to the customer. Verbally count out the change to the customer to prevent any errors.
  • Check

    General Policies
    Checks should be made payable to the UCLA Store. Checks must be drawn on a California bank and must be imprinted with the customer’s name and address. Checks will not be accepted for greater than the total amount of the purchase. All exceptions are noted under Other Checks.

    Checks made to UC Regents are not acceptable. Alterations cannot be made to the payee section.

    Check Acceptance Levels

    1. All areas (with the exception of Dental Kits and Computer Store merchandise)

    Full-time Customer service Supervisor — up to $500
    Customer Service Manager — up to $1000
    General Managers and Directors on exception basis — over $1000

    2. Computer Store

    (a) Personal checks are accepted up to $1000 following the approval levels stated above. On an exception basis, with appropriate criteria, personal checks over $1,000 may be accepted by the Computer Store Customer Service Manager, Buyer, or Computer Store Manager.
    (b) Cashier’s checks may be accepted as follows:
    Full-time Customer Service Supervisor — up to $10,000
    Customer Service Manager — up to $10,000
    (c) If a cashier’s check is greater than the amount of purchase, a cash refund may be given up to $150. Refunds greater than $150 will be issued in the form of a MOC. At time of issuance, the customer may decide to accept the MOC or wait 10-14 business days for the MOC to be converted to a check.

    3. Dental Kits

    (a) Purchases by UCLA students are made per contacts arranged through ASUCLA Finance. With ASUCLA Finance approval, personal checks are accepted above the stated levels in the exact amount of purchase.
    (b) Purchases by students enrolled in other institutions will be handled as agreed upon with the sponsoring institution.

    Identification Requirements
    Proper identification must be shown for all checks.

    1. UCLA Students are required to show their current and valid UCLA BruinCard.
    2. ASUCLA Professional Staff are required to show a current ASUCLA Staff BruinCard.
    3. UCLA Faculty, Staff and Academic are required to show a current faculty/staff/academic BruinCard.
    *NOTE: We do not accept UCLA Affiliate BruinCard (no photo), California Drivers’ License/Identification cards, Out of State Identification/Driver’s License, UCLA Extension ID’s or passports as valid form of Identification for checks.

    Other Checks

    1. Traveler’s Checks requires MGR approval

    These must be identified as U.S. Dollars and made payable to the UCLA Store. The customer must counter-sign the check in our presence. No ID is required. Give change in cash.

    2. Parent’s Checks requires MGR approval

    UCLA students may present a parent’s check made payable to the UCLA Store. Students must print their name on the check, show a valid UCLA BruinCard and counter sign the check. Standard check verification procedures apply.

    3. Non-Imprinted Checks requires MGR approval

    UCLA students may present a non-imprinted California check. Students must show a valid UCLA BruinCard and print their current name, address, and phone number on the check. Non-imprinted checks are not accepted from non-students.

    4. Out-of-State Checks requires MGR approval

    Out-of-State checks are drawn on a non-California bank. These checks are accepted in Mail-order and for full time UCLA Students with a UCLA BruinCard. Out-of-State checks must be imprinted with the customer’s name and address.

    5. Department of Rehabilitation Checks requires MGR approval

    These checks require a purchase and the approval of a Career Supervisor or Manager. No cash or credit back. Conditions on the check must be observed. At the point of purchase, Manager should select X, followed by DRehab (city name).

    6. Cashier’s Checks requires MGR approval

    These checks are issued and guaranteed by a bank. Cashier’s checks are only accepted in the Computer Store. If a cashier’s check is greater than the amount of purchase, a cash refund may be given up to $150

    7. Money Orders mail-order only

    These checks are accepted via mail-order only. Acceptable money orders must be from an established financial institution or from the US Postal Service and be noted in US Dollars.

    Checks Not Accepted In-Store

    1. Business checks
    2. UCLA Emergency Loan checks
    3. Financial Institution checks
    4. Financial Aid checks
    5. Two-party checks
    6. Money orders
    7. Paychecks

    On The Check

    1. Ensure the check is pre-printed with the customer’s name, address and phone number (including area code). Small changes on a check must be accompanied by the customer’s initials.
    2. Be sure to print the customer’s 9 digit BruinCard number in the top portion of the check.
    3. Request a current address and phone number.
    4. Print the name of the customer at the top of the check if it is not pre-printed or a parent’s check.
    5. Record your department number and initials near the bank information.
    6. Obtain a Manager approval for the check.

    On the Register

    1. Enter the amount of the check, or press ENTER if it is for the full amount of the purchase.
    2. Select Tender Type 2 = Check.
    3. Enter the identification number of the customer. If it is a traveler’s check, enter 000+ three digit dept number (i.e. 000182).
    4. Validate the “trailing edge” (1.5 inches from the left) of the check. To properly validate the check, turn the check upside down with the trailing edge away from you and slide the check under the imprinter. The green light should come on followed by a click, which indicates the check has been locked in place. After the imprinter has released the check, remove the check and press ENTER.
    5. Place the check in the paper documents drawer beneath the register.
    6. Give the customer the register receipt.

    Customer on Bad Check List:
    If a register message displays “Customer on Bad Check List. Do *** NOT *** accept check”, this could indicate that the customer has written a check that has been returned by the bank or payment has been defaulted. The UCLA Store has the right to refuse checks from any customer according to established policies and guidelines. If check writing privileges have been suspended, checks of any kind will not be accepted from the customer until the matter is resolved with the Credits and Collections department.

    1. Contact the Store Manager’s Office, ext. 56064 or ask for assistance from a Store Manager to determine the current status of the customer’s check writing status. They will need the customer’s name and identification number for confirmation.
    2. Follow the instructions given by the Store Manager’s Office staff. If advised to over-ride the register message and accept the check, obtain an authorization number from a Supervisor or Department Manager and enter this into the register. If there is an outstanding balance, the customer may either contact the Credits and Collections department at extension 48871 or see the staff at Customer Service on B-Level Ackerman.
    3. Ask for another form of payment if the check matter cannot be resolved immediately.
  • Bankcard

    The UCLA Store accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Foreign bankcards, which indicate their affiliation with VISA, are also acceptable (i.e. Carte Bleu). These cards resemble VISA cards in appearance with the foreign name substituted for VISA. Also accepted are ATM Cards with the VISA or MasterCard logo. A customer may use a family member’s card provided that their last names match.

    There is no minimum purchase to use a bankcard in the store. Discover requires a $1 minimum purchase to use their card.

    Purchases Under $25

    1. Enter the amount of purchase, or press ENTER if exact amount.
    2. Select Tender Type 3 = Bankcard.
    3. Swipe the card through the register with the magnetic strip facing you and return the card to the customer.
    4. Press ENTER when prompted by the register to continue.
    5. Give the customer the register receipt.

    Purchases Over $25

    1. Enter the amount of purchase, or press ENTER if exact amount.
    2. Select Tender Type 3 = Bankcard.
    3. Swipe the card through the register with the magnetic strip facing you.
    4. Press ENTER when prompted by the register to continue.
    5. Have the customer sign the bankcard receipt on the signature line.
    6. Verify customers’ signature or ID. Ask for identification only if the following conditions exist:
      • The card is not signed.
      • The signature on the back does not match the signature on the receipt.
      • Authorization center instructs you to do so.
      • The customer has listed “See ID” where the signature is listed.
    7. Give the customer the register receipt and return the bankcard to the customer.
    8. Place the signed copy of the bankcard receipt in the appropriate location of the Paper Documents Drawer.

    Unreadable Magnetic Strip

    1. Press 3 as the form of payment.
    2. Enter the amount of the purchase.
    3. Manually enter the bankcard account number and four digit expiration date.

    Call Card Issuer

    1. Call the customer service number on the back of the customer’s card when instructed by the register prompt Call Card Issuer.
    2. Follow instructions from the Issuing Bank.
    3. To enter an authorization number, press back-up in the transaction to the total screen and re-enter the dollar amount of the transaction.
    4. Manually enter the credit card number, followed by the pipe symbol | on the keyboard and the authorization number given by the call center. Press enter.
    5. Enter the four digit expiration date on the bankcard.

    Offline Procedures
    When a bankcard does not go through and the register times out, notify a Supervisor or Manager immediately. When instructed to use offline procedures, adhere to the following:

    1. Enter 999999 at the prompt to Enter Authorization Code for transactions under $150.00.
    2. For transactions over $150.00 call for Authorization code and enter code given.

    UCLA Procurement Card
    The Procard program is a MasterCard that employees of the University may use to purchase low value items for University business. The person whose name appears on the front of the card is the only person authorized to use the card. The card is clearly identified as a UCLA Purchasing Card with the UCLA Logo and department name. Customer’s using the ProCard should be given a 10% discount for departmental purchases. The customer does not need any additional paperwork (LVO, Purchase Order) to receive the discount.

  • Bruincard

    A current BruinCard can be used to purchase merchandise at any store location and at any register. To open an “easy pay” account on a BruinCard, direct customers to the BruinCard Office in Kerckhoff 123.

    Verify that the customer’s picture on the front of the card is a match to the individual making the purchase. If the customer presenting the card is not the individual pictured, politely inform the customer we cannot accept the card as payment.


    1. Match the customer’s picture on the card to the individual making the purchase.
    2. Enter the amount of purchase.
    3. Select Tender Type 11 = BruinCard.
    4. Swipe the BruinCard through the register with the magnetic stripe facing you.

    Insufficient Funds
    If a BruinCard does not have the necessary funds to complete a transaction, the following message will appear, “Declined: Insufficient funds.” Ask the customer for alternate payment.

    Balance Inquiry

    1. To find out the amount remaining on a BruinCard, Press Total at Enter Product Id prompt.
    2. Select 11 for BruinCard tender and swipe the BruinCard through the register with the magnetic strip facing you. The customers balance is printed on the customer’s receipt.

    Offline Procedures
    When a BruinCard transaction does not go through, the following register message appears: Harco Authorization Unavailable. Notify a Supervisor or Manager immediately.

    1. Press BKUP and swipe the card a second time for transaction under $150.00
    2. If the message persists, inform the customer that the BruinCard system is temporarily offline.
    3. Ask for another form of payment.
  • Gift Card

    Gift Cards are available for purchase at all UCLA Store locations. A gift card may be used towards a purchase of any item within the UCLA Store. A unique gift card (The Book Card) is only issued in the Textbook department but may be redeemed at any UCLA Store location. Customers may purchase UCLA Store Gift Cards for any dollar amount of $5 or greater at any register. The value on the card will not be replaced if the card is lost, stolen, or destroyed. Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash amounts over $10. Gift Card purchases are non-refundable.

    The following restrictions apply for accepted methods of payment for gift cards:

    Maximum $150 for personal checks
    Maximum $1000 for Bankcards with proper authorization
    Maximum $2500 for customer charges when accompanied by proper paperwork


    1. Issuing/Selling Gift Cards

    (a) Select Letter B for Non Mdse from the Modifier Options menu.
    (b) Select Gift Card (Letter G).
    (c) Enter the dollar amount for the gift card being purchased.
    (d) Swipe the card through the register with the magnetic stripe facing you.
    (e) Process the tender and complete the transaction.
    (f) Place the gift card in the special printed gift card holder available at the register counter.

    2. Selling More than One

    (a) Press the QTY key.
    (b) Enter the number of gift cards being purchased (NOTE: Dollar amounts must be the same for all).
    (c) Select B for “Non Mdse” from the Modifier Options menu and Gift Card (Letter G).
    (d) Enter the amount.
    (e) Swipe each card once (the register will count down the number of cards swiped until the total quantity is reached.)
    (f) Complete the transaction as usual (you may ring up additional merchandise).

    3. Redeeming Gift Card (fully redeemed)

    (a) Ring up purchase and total the transaction.
    (b) Enter the amount of purchase, or press ENTER for Tender Amount
    (c) Select Tender Type 12 (Gift Card)
    (d) Swipe the Gift Card through the register with the magnetic stripe facing you.
    (e) Return the card to the customer.
    (f) If the customer does not wish to keep the fully redeemed gift card, place the redeemed card into the Paper documents drawer.

    4. Redeeming Gift Card (with balance remaining)

    (a) Follow steps a-d listed above.
    (b) Return the card to the customer along with their register receipt (the card balance is displayed on the receipt as Debit Card Balance: $xx.xx)

    5. Reloading Gift Cards

    (a) A customer may choose to reload a gift card at any time.
    (b) Follow above procedures for Issuing/Selling Gift Card.

    Insufficient Funds

    1. After swiping the card at the register, the message will appear Tender amount exceeds balance of xx.xx. [1] =Change tender amount to balance or [0] =Exit.
    2. If the customer would like to use the remaining balance on the card, select 1.
    3. If the customer does not want to use the remaining balance, select 0 and enter the new tender amount and alternate tender type.

    Balance Inquiry

    1. Select Letter P for Gift Card Inquiry from the Modifier Options menu.
    2. Swipe the gift card.
    3. Balance will be displayed on the screen. Press enter to continue.

    Tender Exchange
    To redeem a gift card with a balance of $9.99 or less.

    1. Check the card balance by performing a balance inquiry.
    2. Press Total.
    3. Enter the amount from the card to exchange.
    4. Enter the tender type (12=Gift Card) and swipe the gift card through the register.
    5. Enter the amount due the customer (this should equal the value of the gift card).
    6. Select Tender Type “1” = Cash.
  • Gift Certificate

    Paper gift certificates were issued prior to Gift Cards. Gift Certificates can only be applied towards merchandise. When applied towards a purchase, change due the customer, greater than $5, will be issued in the form of a MOC (Merchandise on Credit). Change of $5 or less will be issued in cash.


    1. Ring up purchase and total the transaction.
    2. Input the amount of the Gift Certificate.
    3. Select Tender Type 4 = Gift Certificate
    4. Input the 13 digit Gift Certificate form number.
    5. At the prompt to issue balance in Cash or Credit, select 1=credit or 2=cash.

    For remaining balances greater than $5, select 1=credit:

      1. At Customer Profile Screen, press ENTER at Customer ID.
      2. Type in the customer’s first name, press ENTER.
      3. Type in the customer’s last name, press ENTER.
      4. Press ENTER, repeat until all remaining fields in profile screen are bypassed.
      5. At register prompt, “Is customer Profile correct?” select Y, ENTER.
      6. Place the redeemed Gift Certificate in the Paper Documents Drawer.
      7. Give the customer their register receipt and the MOC that is generated with the remaining balance.
      8. Sign the Store Copy MOC Issued Refund and place it in the Paper Documents Drawer.
  • BAR

    UCLA Students are able to charge textbook and computer store merchandise to their student BAR account. The maximum allowed for purchasing on their BAR account is $3500. To accept BAR as a payment option, the BAR tender must be the first tender type entered in the transaction. If BAR tender is selected after other tender types have been entered, the system will display an error message. Additionally, if BAR tender is selected, all eligible merchandise in the transaction must be purchased with the BAR tender. Split payment of BAR eligible merchandise is not allowed. Exchanges are not allowed with SBAR transactions.


    1. Ring up purchase and total the transaction (Eligible items will show as sb on the receipt).
    2. Press ENTER for Tender Amount.
    3. Select Tender Type 8 = BAR.
    4. Enter the students 9 digit ID number by scanning the customers BruinCard or manually entering the number into the register.
    5. The register will calculate the appropriate BAR tender amount based on the prices and taxes of eligible merchandise and the current outstanding balance of the customers BAR account.
    6. At the prompt Charge this amount to the customers BAR account? Select Y for Yes.
    7. If no additional balance is due, the transaction will complete. If additional payment is required (from non-eligible merchandise), the register will indicate the balance due. Select the tender amount and the tender type to compete the transaction.

    The registers will on occasion round the tax down on SBAR transaction. When this occurs and a difference of pennies is due as a result, Select ENTER for Tender Amount and Tender Type 9 = Bar Diff.

    Insufficient Funds
    After entering the customers BruinCard number, the message will appear SBAR tender not allowed. Customer balance will exceed maximum amount allowed. Cancel SBAR tender input. Press enter to re- enter. Complete the transaction with an alternate form of payment.

    Non Eligible Items
    If there are no eligible items to be charged to the BAR account within the transaction, the message will read: There are no merchandise qualified for SBAR tender. Cancel SBAR tender input. Press enter and re-enter.

  • Customer Charge

    Customer Charges are used by ASUCLA departments, UCLA departments and Commercial Accounts on the active S-Account listing to make purchases. See the Illustrations section at the back of the manual for a matrix containing information required to process a Customer Charge. All customers, except ASUCLA departments, must have proper back-up to charge merchandise. Customer purchases cannot exceed the amounts listed on the backup paperwork. For GSA accounts: Approval signatures must match signatures on file.

    Check the hard copy of the S-account listing for all non-ASUCLA or non-UCLA accounts before processing Commercial accounts.

    1. Check the customer’s ID and documentation. Ensure that the customer is authorized to make the purchase.
    2. Press the appropriate special discount key (if applicable) before scanning the merchandise.
    3. Ring up the items and Total the transaction.
    4. Enter the amount of the transaction and select 6 = Customer Charges for the Tender Type.
    5. Enter the customer number (from the customer’s form, if applicable).
    6. Enter the LVO/PO# or applicable number (refer to the Customer Charge Matrix).
    7. Press ENTER in the Date Field. The current date will be entered automatically.
    8. Press ENTER, until prompted for Account #. Enter the Account Number (if applicable).
    9. If any of the information needs to be changed, press N. Otherwise, type Y and press ENTER.
    10. Hand the first receipt to the customer. On the Store Copy list the customer’s ID type and number and write the customer’s telephone number or extension. Have the customer print his/her name, sign the receipt and print Identification number.
    11. Staple the Store Copy to any paperwork and place it in the appropriate drawer.
  • Veterans Affairs -- Vocational Rehabilitation

    Customers must present an authorized copy of the Vocational Rehabilitation, Chapter 31, Title 38 form in order to be eligible to make a purchase. If the customer does not have this form, refer them back to their counselor. They are NOT eligible to make a purchase without this form. An additional form with list of classes and a list of supplies is required. Only items listed for purchase are allowed. VA purchases must be processed tax exempt.

    1. Check the manual copy of the S Account listing to verify eligibility and credit limit.
    2. Type G and press ENTER for transaction level Tax Exempt. Input 000+your Service Area department number when prompted for Enter Tax Exempt #.
    3. Scan the merchandise.
    4. Press S (subtotal), ENTER to determine the amount of the handling fee to be added to the transaction.
      • For purchase amounts less than $50.00, calculate 10% of the subtotal for the handling fee. For purchases over $50.00, enter $5.00 as the handling fee.
    5. Add the handling fee to the transaction by entering the appropriate dept/class for postage. See the illustrations section at the back of the manual for dept/class information.
    6. Enter the correct amount (either 10% or $5, whichever is least).
    7. Complete the transaction as usual.
  • MOC (Merchandise on Credit)

    Store credits are issued in the form of a MOC. MOC’s can only be applied towards merchandise. When MOC’s are applied towards a purchase, change due the customer, greater than $5, will be issued in the form of a new MOC. Change of $5 or less will be issued in cash.


    1. Ring up purchase and total the transaction.
    2. Input the amount of the MOC.
    3. Select Tender Type 10 = MOC Redeemed.
    4. Enter the DOC # listed on the Credit Slip (MOC).
    5. At the prompt to issue balance in Cash or Credit, select 1=credit or 2=cash.

    For remaining balances greater than $5, select 1=credit:

    1. At Customer Profile Screen, enter the Customer # found on the MOC.
    2. Have the customer sign the MOC being redeemed and place in the register drawer.
    3. Give the customer the new Credit Voucher with the new remaining balance.
    4. Sign the Store Copy MOC Issued Refund and place it with MOC’s in the Paper Documents Drawer.
  • Deposit

    Deposit Forms are used for merchandise that is special ordered or prepaid, a nominal deposit fee may be required at the time the order is placed. When the merchandise is picked up, the deposit is applied towards the payment of the transaction. Deposits do not expire.

    Deposits are processed when the customer makes an initial deposit and when the customer uses it as a form of payment when picking up their special order.

    1. Placing a Deposit

    (a) Press the register preset key (if available) or enter the appropriate dept/class number for the merchandise deposit.
    (b) Enter the price.
    (c) Continue to ring in other purchases as normal.
    (d) Accept payment for the transaction.
    (e) Press the EDRS key. At the register prompt Specify endorsement type: (S)hort or (L)ong, select S, insert form and endorse in appropriate area on the form.
    (f) Retain the store copy of the form and place it in the designated area (determined by each department).

    2. Completing the Deposit transaction:

    (a) Ring up the merchandise. Include any additional items.
    (b) Enter the amount of the Deposit.

    (c) Press 7 for the form of payment.

    If the Deposit amounts equals the amount of the purchase:

    Complete the transaction as stated above.

    If the Deposit is less than the amount of the purchase:

    Ask for another form of payment to sufficiently cover the remaining balance due.

    If the Deposit is more than the amount of the purchase:

    Refund the difference in cash by pressing 1 for the form of refund.

    (d) Enter the eight digit form number on the Deposit form.
    (e) Endorse the Deposit form and initial.
    (f) Place the Deposit form in the appropriate slot of the Paper Documents Drawer.
  • Blood and Platelet Reward Card

    Blood and Platelet Reward cards are available for purchase at the UCLA Store in Ackerman Union by the Blood and Platelet Center. There are two different cards each with a preprinted amount on the front of the card (either $5 or $50). The cards may be used towards a purchase of any item at any UCLA Store location. Reward cards are a one time use card and cannot be reloaded, redeemed for cash or applied as payment to any account. Reward Cards are non-refundable and will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed. B & P Reward cards must be present to use.

    Redeeming B&P Reward Cards:

    1. Ring up purchase and total the transaction.
    2. Press $5 or $50 for the tender amount.
    3. Select 21 for tender type (B&P Reward Card).
    4. Swipe the card at prompt to Enter Coupon Number.
    5. Place redeemed cards with MOCs and Gift Cards at Closing.

    *Cards may only be redeemed once.

    Insufficient Balance

    1. Ring up the purchase and total the transaction.
    2. Press $5 or $50 for the tender amount.
    3. Select 21 for tender type (B&P Reward Card).
    4. Swipe the card.
    5. The amount available on the card will be redeemed and register will prompt with Balance Due.
    6. Enter the second tender amount and type of payment.
  • Multiple Payments

    A customer may use any or all of the payments listed towards a purchase. There is no limit on how many different tender types may be used. Each type of payment presented is transacted in the manner indicated in the previous sections until sufficient payment has been received. The receipt will generate once the full payment has been applied. When cash is a form of payment, the cash drawer will open at the end of the transaction. If a split tender transaction is voided after the first tender has been entered, the register will print the void receipt with the message “AUTO POST VOID” at the bottom of the receipt. An IPV slip will automatically print after the auto post void slip. Attach the IPV slip to the original void transaction receipt.

  • Itemized Receipt

    A customer may request a descriptive receipt for Athletic, ROTC, business, or tax reimbursement purposes. An itemized receipt is usually issued at the time of purchase. It is not acceptable for refunds. Itemized Receipts forms are available at the Store Managers’ Office. Complete the form as follows:

    1. Print the customer’s name at the top of the form.
    2. Print the sales date and the transaction and register number on the line provided.
    3. List each item and price under Description and Amount.
    4. Indicate the Subtotal, Tax, and Total amount. If more than one form is necessary, subtotal each sheet, placing the tax total and the grand total on the final sheet.
    5. Check the appropriate box indicating the form of payment.
    6. Sign your name at the bottom of the form, where indicated.
    7. Give the customer the white copy of the receipt.
  • Coupons

    The UCLA Store accepts specially printed UCLA Store coupons. Follow the instructions that accompany each promotion. Manufacturer’s coupons are not accepted.



  • ASUCLA Benefits U Rewards Program

    Benefits U Rewards members can earn rewards based on their pre-tax purchases at all UCLA Store locations. Reward members are eligible to earn rewards on in-store and on-line purchases. Members will receive a $5 off reward coupon after earning 300 points ($1 purchase = 1 point). Additional $5 off reward coupons are earned for each additional 300 points. Only full-time students are eligible to become a Benefits U Member.


    1. Adding Customers to Reward Program

    (a) Ask the customer for their BruinCard.
    (b) Press RC (Rewards Club) preset or select modifier U, ENTER.
    (c) Scan the barcode on the back of a new reward card and press ENTER at message.
    (d) Scan the customer’s BruinCard or enter manually and press ENTER at message.
    (e) Select N for No and add the customer’s email into the correct field.
    (f) When the register prompts again Is customer profile correct? select Y, ENTER.

    2. Issuing Reward Coupons

    (a) Coupons will automatically be issued at the registers when the customer’s point balance reaches each reward level.
    (b) Press the RC preset and scan the customer Rewards card or BruinCard.
    (c) Confirm the customers email address and update if necessary.
    (d) Complete the transaction and hand the original receipt with attached reward coupons to the customer after placing it inside a promotional sleeve.

    3. Redeeming Reward Coupons

    (a) Press the RC preset and scan the customer Rewards card or BruinCard.
    (b) Confirm the customers email address and update if necessary.
    (c) Scan the barcode at the bottom of the Reward Coupon before scanning any items.
    (d) Ring in all items to be purchased. The reward amount will be taken off the total purchase amount.
    (e) Place the redeemed coupon into the Paper documents drawer.
  • Discounts

    ASUCLA offers discounts to specific institutional customers or customer groups who, on an on-going basis, provide important services or otherwise add value to the UCLA Store or to ASUCLA.

    Discounts are defined at the transaction level and are applied to discountable merchandise for a group of customers. Eligible customers must present the appropriate discount card or identification in order to receive the discount at the Point-of-Sale. The discount percentage, which is selected by the cashier at the time of purchase, is applied to all eligible line items. The transaction level discount percentage may be combined with a promotional markdown. No other stacking of discounts is permitted. Specifically there is no stacking of the Employee discount with ASUCLA Benefits U, One Day Sale discounts, or BookZone 20%, and 25% off titles.

    Employee Discount
    Employees are eligible to receive a 20% discount on selected merchandise and services (see Page 9) within the UCLA Store. See the table below for eligibility and identification required.