“Food Service Employee Meal Program”

#401 Supersedes: 12/1/97 Effective: 1/1/2001

If you are a student employee of the Food Service Division, you will be eligible for an Employee Meal Allowance. Any day you work 2 or more hours, this program provides an allowance worth up to 50% of the cost of a meal, up to a retail value of $5.00:

If meal costs …. You pay ….
$3.50 $1.75
$5.00 $2.50
$6.00 $3.50

Your department will provide you with complete information about this program when you are hired.

Violations of Food Service Employee Meal Program policy/procedure will result in immediate dismissal.

“Employee Discount Program”

#406 Supersedes: 12/1/97
Effective: 8/1/2005


The following individuals are eligible to receive a 20% discount on designated items, regular and sale price, in the UCLA Stores:

  • All ASUCLA student employees
  • Individuals in stipend assignments at ASUCLA
  • USAC/GSA volunteers

Employee Discounts are not stackable during One Day Sale events.

To Receive Your Discount

  • All ASUCLA student employees
  • Individuals in stipend assignments at ASUCLA

Present your Bruin Card and advise the cashier you are an ASUCLA employee at the time you wish to make a purchase.

  • USAC/GSA volunteers

You will receive a Temporary Discount Card from the Human Resources Office upon presentation of your Bruin Card and verification of your volunteer status. Present your Temporary Discount Card to the cashier at the time you wish to make a purchase.

The 20% discount will be automatically subtracted from the total of your purchase. You will be asked to sign a receipt which records and verifies the discount sale.

Discount Privileges

This discount privilege applies only to purchases you make for:

  • Yourself
  • Your spouse
  • Dependents living in your household
  • Gifts from you to anyone you personally know

You may not apply your employee discount to:

  • Purchases you make for anyone not designated above from whom you will be reimbursed
  • Purchases you make using another person’s cash, check, credit or debit card

Violations of Employee Discount policy/procedure may result in immediate dismissal.

“Student Employee Referral Bonuses”

#411 Supersedes: 12/1/97
Effective: 7/1/2008

Student employees are encouraged to refer UCLA students for part-time job openings with ASUCLA, and may receive bonus payouts if referrals are successfully hired.


  • All student employees are eligible to participate, excluding any Human Resources employees.
  • All referrals must be regularly enrolled UCLA students.

Bonus Payout

A $50 bonus will be credited to an ASUCLA Student Employee’s Bruincard when s/he refers a candidate who is hired to a specific student position that is posted (excluding stipend assignments).

All referrals must complete 90 days of satisfactory employment in order for the bonus payout to be granted.

Both the employee who made the referral and the referred candidate must be employed on the bonus payout date.

If more than one employee submits the same referral, the earliest submitted will be eligible for the bonus payout.


Referrals of individuals presently or previously working at ASUCLA in any capacity (such as student employee, individuals in stipend assignments or temp) are not eligible for bonus payouts.

Applicants already on file or under active consideration will not be accepted.

Administrative Guidelines

Referrals must be submitted to ASUCLA’s Human Resources Division on an “Employee Referral Form” that is attached to the candidate’s completed application.

“Performance Recognition Awards”

#416 Supersedes: 11/1/97
Effective: 8/1/2005

Superior Service Award$

Student employees who are observed providing superior customer service by any ASUCLA professional
staff may receive:

  • A certificate of recognition.
  • $5 credited to the recipient’s UCLA BruinCard.

Student employees are eligible to receive multiple “Spot” awards.

Spot Award$

Student employees who perform outstanding performance that is beyond the requirements of their positions may receive:

  • A certificate of recognition.
  • $25 credited to the recipient’s UCLA BruinCard.

Student employees are eligible to receive multiple “Superior Service” awards.

Exceptional Performance Award$

Student employees who have contributed to ASUCLA’s mission through their participation in a major project and/or demonstration of exceptional commitment and leadership may receive:

  • A certificate of recognition.
  • $100 in the form of a check.

“Exceptional Performance” awards are awarded annually. Recipients are honored at an event that is attended by professional and student staff of ASUCLA.


All student employees of ASUCLA Services & Enterprises are eligible to participate.

Individuals in stipend assignments are not eligible.