Policy Supersedes Effective
#901 12/1/97 1/1/2001

Student employees are expected to advise their supervisors in writing when they are voluntarily leaving ASUCLA’s employment, and are asked to provide as much advance notice of their resignation as possible.

Students who fail to advise their supervisors of their resignation will be considered to have abandoned their job and will be ineligible for reemployment with ASUCLA at any time in the future.

On receiving an employee’s verbal notice of resignation, supervisors should:

  • Complete and sign the front page of ASUCLA’s “Notice of Separation Form”.
  • Ask the resigning employee to sign the front page, and to complete the back page of this form.
  • Forward the completed form to Human Resources no later than on the next business day.

The Resignation Notice Period

Student employees are encouraged to provide their supervisors with as much advance notice of their resignation as possible. 2 weeks’ advance notice is desirable.

A determination may be made that it is in the best interests of ASUCLA to separate the employee prior to the requested last day of work.

Employees are expected to maintain satisfactory performance and conduct after giving notice of their resignation, and must continue to adhere to ASUCLA policies and procedures. Failure to do so will result in immediate release or dismissal.

“Medical Separation”

Policy Supersedes Effective
#906 1/1/2001

An employee may be medically separated when unable to perform essential, assigned job functions due to a disability or medical condition. Prior to medical separation, ASUCLA will engage in the interactive process.

The determination to medically separate an employee may be based on:

  • A written statement describing essential job functions that the employee is unable to perform.
  • A written review by a vocational rehabilitation counselor, or appropriate representative, determining that no reasonable accommodation exists without causing undue hardship.

For disabilities and medical conditions that are not work-incurred, an evaluation of whether or not to medically separate will occur when an employee has been on medical leave for 6 months.

Employees will not be separated under this policy while on sick leave or extended sick leave. However, employees may be separated for medical or other reasons if the separation date was set prior to the commencement of sick or extended sick leave, and if they are afforded all rights provided by their retirement system.

Medical Documentation

Proof of the employee’s disability or medical condition is required and is subject to verification by an ASUCLA-appointed healthcare provider. ASUCLA shall pay the costs of any medical examinations requested or required for the medical separation.

Written Notice of Intent to Medically Separate

Employees receive advance written notice of ASUCLA’s intent to medically separate, which specifies:

  • The essential job functions that the employee is unable to perform and any other pertinent documentation related to the interactive process.
  • The employee may respond in writing to the written notice within 8 calendar days from the date it is issued.

Written Confirmation of Medical Separation

Employees receive written confirmation of the medical separation and notice of right to appeal after responding to the written notice of intent to medically separate, or 8 days after the written notice of intent to medically separate was issued.

The written confirmation of medical separation addresses:

  • The reason(s) for the medical separation.
  • The effective date of medical separation will be 18 calendar days after the written notice of intent to medically separate was issued.
  • Employment verifications, final pay check(s), and benefits.
  • ASUCLA’s policies on “Medical Separation” and “Complaint Resolution”.

Special Reemployment

An employee may be selected for a position without the requirement that the position be posted for a period of 1 year following medical separation.

“Involuntary Separation”

Policy Supersedes Effective
#911 12/1/97

General Provisions

ASUCLA student employees are involuntarily separated from employment under the following circumstances:

  • In response to current business needs.
  • When performance or conduct does not meet business needs and/or standards.

Student employees of ASUCLA may be released at any time at the discretion of the Association.

Immediate Dismissal

The following lists some examples of grounds for immediate dismissal (this list is not intended to be all inclusive):

  • Theft/dishonesty, including misappropriation of Association time, property, money, systems, merchandise or product, and engaging in any illicit activity.
  • Negligence, including any unsatisfactory performance that results in the misappropriation or loss of Association time, property, money, systems, merchandise or product.
  • Violations/misuse of employee discount and meal allowance programs.
  • Unauthorized destruction of Association property.
  • Use of verbal or physical violence or force; threats of any nature.
  • Unlawful discrimination or harassment.
  • Falsification of Association records or documents.
  • Insubordination; inappropriate conduct.
  • Failure to comply with established policies and procedures.
  • Unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, use, purchase or sale of alcohol or of controlled substances in the work place or while engaged in ASUCLA business; use or abuse of substances, legal or illegal, in a manner that impairs performance.
  • Failing to notify your supervisor/manager when absent (unnotified absence and job abandonment).
  • Sleeping on the job.
  • Misrepresenting facts to your supervisors/managers.
  • Providing false testimony in the course of an investigation.
  • Bringing forth false or malicious complaints about others in the work place; failing to comply with an investigation into work place complaints.

Written Confirmation of Separation

Employees who are involuntarily separated from ASUCLA employment receive written confirmation of the separation, which addresses:

  • The reason for the separation.
  • The effective date of the separation.
  • Ineligibility for rehire.
  • Employment verifications.
  • Final pay check(s).
  • Who to contact to further discuss the separation, if desired.

Ineligibility for Rehire

Employees involuntarily separated for misconduct or unsatisfactory performance reasons will be ineligible for rehire at ASUCLA.


This policy applies also to individuals in stipend assignments at ASUCLA.

“Final Pay Checks”

Policy Supersedes Effective
#916 12/1/97


A student employee who ends their employment with ASUCLA shall be paid their final paycheck on the biweekly paycheck following their separation date.

Final pay checks for student employees will be available in the Payroll Department.


If a student employee is terminated by ASUCLA, their final paycheck will be paid on the last day worked.

If the student employee was terminated while on investigatory leave, the final paycheck will be sent to the employee by certified mail at the time of termination.


This policy also applies to individuals in stipend assignments at ASUCLA.

“Employment Verification”

Policy Supersedes Effective
#921 none 12/1/97

Prospective employers seeking verification of your employment with ASUCLA should be referred to the Human Resources Division at (310)825-7055.

Without express written authorization from you, the only information released will be:

  • Your most recent job title.
  • Dates you were employed.
  • Whether or not you are eligible for rehire.