“Continuing Service Opportunities”

Policy Supersedes Effective
#601 12/1/97

Student employees demonstrating good job performance are encouraged to seek different opportunities within the Association that will help develop professional level skills.

To qualify for any of the following opportunities, you must have received your first performance review with a rating of Good or above, and have no other record of performance deficiency.


You may apply for opportunities in different departments by completing an “Application for Employment Change” at the Human Resources Office. To find out what other opportunities may exist you can review the student job postings, also available at the Human Resources Office.

If you are accepted by another department for transfer, your new supervisor or manager will contact your current department to arrange a mutually convenient transfer date. In most cases, 2 weeks of notice is given to the current department.

“Add” Positions

ASUCLA tries to provide jobs to meet the many different employment needs of students. There are times when schedules or other circumstances provide the need for students to hold 2 jobs.

You may work 2 jobs at ASUCLA, providing your combined work schedule does not exceed a maximum of 20 hours per week during regular academic sessions, or 40 hours per week during academic session breaks.

We refer to your second job as an “Add” position. The department for which you work the most hours per week is considered your “Home Department.”

Your pay checks and performance reviews will be generated from the Home Department. Your “Add Department” will give input into the performance reviews your “Home Department” prepares.

Student employees enrolled in ASUCLA’s Work Study program are not eligible for “Add” positions.


Regular status student employees who are promoted (that is, hired to a job in a higher classification than the one you currently hold with increased job responsibilities) receive an increase in pay to the “Minimum” of the new pay range, or a 5% increase, whichever is greater.

Most often, employees receive promotions in their current departments. However, if interested in seeking a more responsible position elsewhere in the Association, you can review the student job postings on line at http://www.collegestore.org/jobs-student/asucla-jobs.asp or at the Human Resources Office and apply.

Graduation & Employment

Graduated students are no longer eligible for student employment or to continue in a stipend assignment. If interested in continuing to work at ASUCLA, they must apply for available professional or limited appointment positions for which they are qualified.

Student employees are sometimes permitted to continue working at ASUCLA for one academic quarter directly following the quarter in which they graduate to assist them while they seek other employment.

Breaks in Service

Many students leave for the summer months, take an occasional quarter off, or discover there are quarters during which they attend UCLA but do not wish to work. Refer to ASUCLA’s “Title & Pay Plan” for a more detailed explanation of how pay rates are administered for returning student employees.