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Ind-2: Welcome

Welcome to Associated Students UCLA! We are pleased to have you as part of our Association’s work force.

From its beginning in 1919, student employees have played a major role in the operation and support of ASUCLA. Today, student employees continue to be a vital part of our growth and success in serving the special needs of the campus community — and especially of students.

Our ties to students both as our employees and our customers are often summarized with a well known phrase at ASUCLA: “Students Helping Students”.

Associated Students UCLA is an organization with the primary goal of enhancing — and serving — the campus community. ASUCLA began in 1919 with a small student government and bookstore, growing to become one of the largest and most progressive organizations of its type.

Our employees are our most important asset, and the policies defined in this handbook ensure a work place that allows for fair treatment and development of skills. Our “open door policy” allows you to discuss your ideas, questions or concerns with a member of supervision or management. We welcome the opportunity to become acquainted with you and to hear your ideas.

However long you’re with us, we hope your employment experience at ASUCLA enhances your college experience and contributes to your professional goals.

Ind-2: About ASUCLA….

ASUCLA is comprised of:

  • USAC, the Undergraduate Students Association Council, who are the elected representatives of 23,000 undergraduate students
  • GSA, the Graduate Students Association, that provides a voice in campus affairs for the almost 11,000 graduate students enrolled at UCLA
  • Student Media that includes the Daily Bruin, KLA Radio, UCLA TV, the Bruin Life Yearbook and seven newsmagazines: Fem, La Gente, Nommo, Ha’Am, Pacific Ties, Al-Talib, Ten Percent
  • Services & Enterprises are designed to meet the everyday needs of students and the campus community. Major divisions are the Student Union, Trademarks & Licensing, UCLA Restaurants and the UCLA Store. These activities are overseen by a student majority Board of Directors.

Areas for work in Services & Enterprises include:

Includes UCLA Stores at:
Ackerman, LuValle and Health Sciences
Hill Top and North Campus
Includes UCLA Restaurants:
Greenhouse/Sweet Spot/Wetzel’s
Northern Lights/North Campus Student Center
South Campus Student Center
Synapse Café/Kerckhoff Coffeehouse
Includes such activities as:
Events, Building Management
Student Government Accounting
Trademarks & Licensing
Marketing & Communications
Finance & Accounting
Human Resources
Business Services
Security & Loss Prevention
Computing & Communications
Systems Development

Ind-3: ASUCLA’s Student Employment Program

The growth and success ASUCLA enjoys is largely attributable to our employees who bring dedication, enthusiasm and creativity to their jobs. We feel this is in large part a result of our student employment program.

ASUCLA places emphasis on the selection and development of student employees. When opportunities exist, student employees may seek advancement. Each advancement step represents greater job responsibility with opportunities to develop specialized and supervisory skills, as shown below:

Positions in Operating Areas:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Customer Service Supervisor
  • Customer Service Lead Supervisor
  • Customer Service Senior Supervisor
  • Management Trainee
  • Computer Store Specialist
  • Computer Store Supervisor
  • Technical Services Supervisor

Positions in Administrative Areas:

  • Administrative Service Representative
  • Management Assistant
  • Project Assistant
  • Technical Assistant

Additionally, some student employees become interested in seeking available professional opportunities with ASUCLA upon graduation. If you are interested, please meet with your supervisor or a Human Resources Representative to discuss your qualifications for available professional positions.

Ind-4: ASUCLA’s Student Stipend Program

In a number of departments throughout ASUCLA, students have the opportunity to volunteer for assignments that complement their academic goals, and that may also relate to future career goals. Although these students are not deemed employees of ASUCLA, they receive a “stipend” – which is a monetary award designed to assist in offsetting school expenses.

Stipend assignments are commonly available in the following departments (this list is not intended to be all inclusive):

  • Student Media Division: For The Daily Bruin, newsmagazines, Bruin Life
  • Student Union/Support Services:For the student governments
  • Lecture Notes: For the taking and production of lecture notes