“Performance Reviews”

Policy Supersedes Effective
#501 4/1/98

The written performance review is an opportunity for the supervisor and employee to assess whether previously discussed performance expectations and goals have been met, to discuss professional development opportunities and to identify options for acquisition of additional skills and knowledge to foster performance improvement and career growth.

The performance review provides appropriate annual documentation to support any recommended merit increases and/or other performance-based awards.

Supervisors are strongly encouraged to oversee employee performance and provide feedback throughout the year which allows the supervisor and employee to address issues in a timely fashion. In addition to monitoring the results of work activities and evaluating performance, supervisors are encouraged to solicit feedback and input from the employee in preparation for the written performance review. Employees may submit their own comments in response to their performance review that may be included in their personnel file.

Timing of Reviews

The annual performance review appraises performance in the current fiscal year.

Merit increases from the annual performance reviews are effective on August1st for those employees hired prior to April of that year.

Appraisal Areas

Performance is appraised in the following areas:

  • “Job Elements”
    As specified in job descriptions and special projects/assignments.
  • “Performance Elements”
    Leadership, organization, communication, technology, and planning skills required to effectively perform job responsibilities.
  • “Culture Elements”
    Teamwork, interaction with others including peers & management, innovation, and supervisory/management skills

Appraisal Points

9 – 10 Exhibits innovative effort resulting in the highest level of performance.
7 – 8.99 Demonstrates consistent initiative and achieves results beyond usual performance requirements.
4 – 6.99 Competently and thoroughly achieves performance requirements.
2 – 3.99 Requirements not consistently met; additional effort needed.
0 – 1.99 Performance consistently falls below requirements.

Consideration for merit increase is based on an “overall rating” of performance:

Merit Eligible: Not Merit Eligible:
4-10 Below 4

Overall ratings below 4 may result in corrective action, up to and including dismissal.