“General Provisions”

Policy Supersedes Effective
#001 4/1/1998

Employees are ASUCLA’s most important contributors to its success as a non-profit service organization.  The provisions contained in this handbook inform professional employees about employment responsibilities, standards, processes, rights and benefits designed to encourage professionalism, service and contribution.


“Associated Students UCLA:  Professional Employment Policies” is intended to align organizational direction among the various major divisions of ASUCLA and provides management with the information necessary to make Human Resources decisions and effect employment actions that both support operating priorities and ensure the consistent treatment of employees.


ASUCLA employs both represented and non-represented employees.  Represented employees will abide by their Union Contract when variances occur between “Associated Students UCLA:  Professional Employment Policies”.


“Associated Students UCLA:  Professional Employment Policies” has been made available to professional supervisors, managers and staff on ASUCLA’s “S” drive “Shared” directory and on ASUCLA’s WEB page.  Unauthorized modification of the policies contained in “Associated Students UCLA:  Professional Employment Policies” is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate dismissal.


Official policies bear ASUCLA’s Director of Human Resources & Payroll’s and Executive Director’s signature approvals and are maintained by ASUCLA’s Human Resources Division.  Employees are welcome to request copies of these policies from ASUCLA’s Human Resources Division.


These policies do not constitute contractual commitments between ASUCLA and its employees, and management retains all other rights and prerogatives in order to manage ASUCLA so that it may attain its mission.  The handbook does not preclude policy exceptions, based on business necessity, and approved by the Director of Human Resources & Payroll and/or Executive Director. Other statements, representations or promises that represent policy exceptions and made without the approval of the Director of Human Resources & Payroll and/or Executive Director may not be relied upon as contractual commitments between ASUCLA and an employee.


ASUCLA reserves the right to amend, modify, or delete these policies at any time and they supersede all previously issued employment policies and procedures.  Policy amendments, modifications and deletions require written approval of the Director of Human Resources & Payroll and Executive Director.  Suggestions concerning changes in these policies are always welcome.


Supervisors are expected to be familiar with these organizational policies, including subsequent policy updates.  They must ensure that these policies are understood and adhered to by those under their supervision, and that they are interpreted and administered in a consistent and equitable manner.


If questions concerning the interpretation of policies described in this handbook cannot be clarified and resolved by higher management, please contact the Human Resources Division.