Career Benefits
ASUCLA offers career employees with the unique opportunity to work for an organization whose mission is to provide innovative and excellent services, programs, products and facilities for the entire UCLA community.
Producing $70 million in sales, ASUCLA manages a challenging range of ventures. We sell designer apparel, computers and books. We run restaurants, event-planning services and catering. As business visionaries, we seek a constant flow of creativity from our employees which enhances our ability to deliver new services and infuse our operations with advanced technology.

In addition to an outstanding benefits package, ASUCLA offers hands-on challenges and professional growth in management, supervisory, technician and support areas. Plus, our jobs offer the satisfaction of mentoring high-caliber UCLA student.

  • Insurance

    • Dental
    • Medical
    • Vision
    • Life
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Financial

    • Retirement
    • Membership to Credit Union
    • Employee Discount
    • Automatic Deposit
  • Vacation

    • Paid Vacation (3 wks)
    • Sick Leave (12 days)
    • Holidays (13 days)
  • Additional

    • Education & Training
    • Legal Services