In 1919 the California State Legislature moved that the Vermont Normal School become the University of California “Southern Branch”.

ASUCLA grew quickly and started two successful businesses, the Student Store and Food Services. ASUCLA also oversaw Athletics in sold voluntary membership cards entitling members to a free student newspapers and entry to football games.

October 25, 1926, Governor Richardson, regents and other campus constituents christen the new campus.

May 31, 1929 was known as Moving Day beginning the summer long process of relocating to Westwood.

William G. Kerckhoff, a pioneer Los Angeles financier and electric power broker, and his wife Louise visit campus and pronounce their intent to fund a new student union building. Groundbreaking takes places November 8, 1929.

A view of campus circa 1930.

On January 20, Kerckhoff Hall, the original UCLA Student Union, is dedicated. The sixth building commissioned on campus was a gift from Louise Kerckhoff in honor of her late husband William G. Kerckhoff.

The new student union building includes a cafeteria, student store, and ASUCLA administrative offices.

Not your typical winter quarter at UCLA.

Today UniCamp hosts over 1,000 children from low-income families in Los Angeles in the San Bernardino mountains.

A view of campus circa 1935.

James E. Lu Valle earned a B.A. in 1936 and a M.S. in 1937. In between degrees he earned a bronze medal in the 400-meter run at the 1936 Olympics and started the first Associated Graduate Students at UCLA.

Jackie Robinson was one of four black players on the Bruins’ 1939 football team; the others were Woody Strode, Kenny Washington, and Ray Bartlett. At a time when only a few black students played mainstream college football, this made UCLA college football’s most integrated team.

The Victory Bell was stolen by USC students disguised as Bruin fans at the Coliseum in 1941. Student body president Bill Farrer negotiated its return after UCLA defeats USC in 1942 with the understanding that the Bell would reside with the winner of the rivalry game each year.

Spring Sing first started as a competition between the fraternities. As it grew in popularity, Bill Ackerman arranged for it to be moved to Royce Hall in 1945. At the height of its popularity in the late 50’s and early 60’s. it was held at the Hollywood Bowl.

By July 1943, one out of every three Bruins was in uniform.

For decades Mardi Gras was held on campus as a student-run fundraiser for UniCamp. At the height of its popularity Mardi Gras attracted of 80,000 visitors and netted more than $200,000 in proceeds. The carnival event was cancelled after 1995 due to financial and security concerns.

Two legendary UCLA coaches.

The coaching staff for the undefeated 1954 football team.

Red Sanders is known for his quote “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

The UCLA Marching Band circa 1958.

In 1958 Rafer Johnson was easily elected student body president after being named “Sportsman of the Year” and being featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. A consensus builder, Rafer initiates a “Good and Welfare“ tradition at the end of Council meetings allowing each member to voice their thoughts.

In 1957 a special student union referendum was held and passed overwhelmingly to finance a new student union The architect Welton Becket, known for his commissions of Pan Pacific Auditorium and Capitol Records building, was hired to design a new student union, and groundbreaking takes place in 1959.

In 1961 the new student union opens. Ackerman retires.

The ribbon cutting for Ackerman Union takes place in April, 1961.

Lots of recreational activities reside on A-level of Ackerman Union, including a bowling alley which lived there until 1992.

The multi-purpose Grand Ballroom served as a student lounge when it wasn’t used for concerts or movies.

Originally an FM station under the Communications Board.

William Ackerman retires after 40 years of service and the student union building is renamed after him.

After a period of unrest on campus following protests of the Viet Nam War, a group of students ask permission to paint a mural expressing the Black Experience in Ackerman Union.

ASUCLA’s Art in the Union program has contributed over 80 pieces of student art that is exhibited throughout Ackerman Union and Kerckhoff Hall.

In the 1970’s ASUCLA introduces a Food Service master Plan to accommodate the increasing enrollment on campus.

The Monster Sale takes place every year in the days proceeding Halloween.

Chairman of the ASUCLA Board of Control Fred Gaines led the student vote to divest from businesses in South Africa supporting apartheid.

ASUCLA supports the Olympics on campus in 1984.

One of the last projects completed under the Food Service Master Plan, the new student center is named after James E. Lu Valle.

Before Westwood there was the Cub Californian, renamed the California Grizzly in 1924. By 1926 the Bruin moniker is adopted, but the mascot’s look continues to evolve until the current version revealed in 1995.

Ackerman Union is renovated and expanded for seismic reasons. The new store facility is renamed the UCLA Store to acknowledge its popularity with alumni, fans, and visitors. Formerly it was known as the ASUCLA Student Store.


The roots of Jazz Reggae began in 1986 due to efforts by CAC Commissioner Ron Richards. At the height of its popularity in 2011 Jazz Reggae celebrated its 25th anniversary and is recognized as one of the largest student-run events in the nation.

In the same spot as the old Bombshelter, the Court of Sciences Student Center construction includes many green features such as natural light, recycled materials, sustainable plantings, and a green living roof.

The Court of Sciences Student Center earns LEED Gold status by the U.S. Green Building Council.

In partnership with UCLA E3, ASUCLA receives funding to put the first array of solar panels on Ackerman Union.

With campus partners UCLA E3 and UCLA Dining, ASUCLA helps establish UCLA as a Fair Trade University with Fair Trade coffee chocolate and sugar options available in the campus stores and coffeehouses.

Undergrads and grad students across the UC came together for LEAN IN, the UC Women’s Leadership Caucus Leadership Conference 2019.

New spaces and services continue to evolve in the student union.

Preceding her last season as head coach for the UCLA Gymnastics Team, Coach Valorie Kondos Field kicks off the newly inaugurated Distinguished Speaker Series for ASUCLA in November 2018.

The campus celebration and lighting of Royce Hall.

ASUCLA throws a Centennial Celebration party for students in the Ackerman Grand Ballroom.

The ASUCLA Centennial Celebration Commemorative photo taken in Ackerman Grand Ballroom.

Celebrating the UCLA Centennial at the State Capital with recognition from Assembly Member Sydney Kamlager and Senator Ben Allen.

The UCLA delegation to Sacramento included ASUCLA Executive Director Pouria Abbassi, and Board members Teni Adewumi-Gunn (graduate Student Representative and Aidan Arasasingham (undergraduate student representative).

ASUCLA recognition is included at the UCLA Day celebration at Los Angeles City Hall.

ASUCLA Timeline
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