Room Lottery Results
Spring 2020 Room Lottery Results
1girl at UCLA Thursday, February 27th
4Corners Christian Fellowship Wednesday, February 26th
Academic Mentorship and Professional Development Tuesday, February 25th
Active Minds Wednesday, February 26th
Active Minds UCLA Friday, February 28th
Acts2Fellowship Wednesday, February 26th
Afrikan Womxn’s Collective Monday, February 24th
Agape Christian Fellowship Monday, February 24th
AI Robotics Ethics Society Tuesday, March 3rd
AIESEC at UCLA Monday, March 2nd
Al-Anon Monday, February 24th
Alpha Epsilon Delta Friday, February 28th
Alpha Gamma Delta Tuesday, March 3rd
Alpha Kappa Psi Wednesday, February 26th
Alpha Omega (formerly Simple Truth) Wednesday, February 26th
Alumni Scholars Club Monday, March 2nd
American Indian Science and Engineering Society Monday, March 2nd
American Medical Women’s Association Monday, March 2nd
American Red Cross at UCLA Friday, February 28th
Amigos de UCLA Friday, February 28th
Anakbayan at UCLA Thursday, February 27th
Armenian Pre-Med Society Monday, February 24th
Armenian Students' Association Friday, February 28th
Artreach at UCLA Monday, March 2nd
Asian American Tutorial Project Tuesday, March 3rd
Asian Pacific Health Corps Tuesday, March 3rd
Aspire Learn Mentor Achieve Science Academy Tuesday, February 25th
Association of Chinese Americans Friday, February 28th
Association of First-Generation Undergraduates Monday, February 24th
Association of Latino Professionals For America Friday, February 28th
Association of Students in Child Development Monday, March 2nd
Awaken A Cappella Tuesday, March 3rd
AweChords A Cappella Thursday, February 27th
AY Consulting Wednesday, February 26th
Beauty Bruins Tuesday, March 3rd
Best Buddies at UCLA Friday, February 28th
Beta Alpha Psi (Accounting Honor Society) Wednesday, February 26th
Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative Monday, March 2nd
Biomedical Research Society at UCLA Monday, February 24th
Blueprint Tuesday, February 25th
Bridges International Friday, February 28th
Bruin Advertising and Marketing Team Monday, February 24th
Bruin Beekeepers Wednesday, February 26th
Bruin Consent Coalition Thursday, February 27th
Bruin Creators Wednesday, February 26th
Bruin Duelists' Association Wednesday, February 26th
Bruin Film Society Thursday, February 27th
Bruin Gaming Tuesday, February 25th
Bruin House of Prayer Tuesday, March 3rd
Bruin Initiative Thursday, February 27th
Bruin Investment and Trading Group Thursday, February 27th
Bruin Language Association Tuesday, February 25th
Bruin Medical Entrepreneurs Tuesday, March 3rd
Bruin Origami For All Monday, March 2nd
Bruin Partners Monday, March 2nd
Bruin Scouts Monday, February 24th
Bruin Shelter Wednesday, February 26th
Bruin Toastmasters Friday, February 28th
Bruin Tzu Ching Monday, March 2nd
Bruin Value Investing Friday, February 28th
Bruin Vision Project Monday, February 24th
BruinHope Tuesday, March 3rd
Bruins Fighting Pediatric Cancer Tuesday, February 25th
Bruins for Bernie Tuesday, March 3rd
Bruins for Pete Buttigieg Friday, February 28th
BruinSynaptoGenesis (BSG) Tuesday, March 3rd
buildOn at UCLA Monday, February 24th
California Public Interest Research Group Friday, February 28th
CampMed@UCLA Monday, February 24th
Care Extenders Tuesday, March 3rd
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship Wednesday, February 26th
Chi Alpha Psi Co-ed Transfer Fraternity Wednesday, February 26th
Chi Delta Theta Wednesday, February 26th
China Care Bruins Thursday, February 27th
Chinese Students and Scholars Association Thursday, February 27th
Christian On Campus Monday, March 2nd
Christian Students at UCLA Tuesday, February 25th
Circle K at UCLA Thursday, February 27th
Clean Consulting Tuesday, February 25th
CLIC GSA (Center for Language, Interaction and Culture Graduate Student Association) Wednesday, February 26th
Clinical Neurogenomics Students Tuesday, February 25th
Coding&&Community Tuesday, March 3rd
Colleges Against Cancer Tuesday, March 3rd
Community College Field Biology Alliance Monday, February 24th
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Tuesday, March 3rd
Community Medicine at Los Angeles Monday, March 2nd
Connecting Undergraduates for Biz-Health Experience (CUBE) Friday, February 28th
Coptic Orthodox Christian Club at UCLA Friday, February 28th
Crafting for Cancer Monday, February 24th
CruX @ UCLA Monday, March 2nd
Crystal Li Monday, March 2nd
Cyber Thursday, February 27th
Delta Delta Sigma Friday, February 28th
Delta Epsilon Mu, Chi Chapter at UCLA Monday, February 24th
Delta Gamma Friday, February 28th
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Pi Chapter Thursday, February 27th
Design Create Solar at UCLA Monday, March 2nd
Dialogue Society Wednesday, February 26th
Diversity and Inclusion in Product and Data @ UCLA Friday, February 28th
Donation of Organs and Tissues (DoT Org) Monday, February 24th
E3: ecology, economy, equity Wednesday, February 26th
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Student Chapter at UCLA Tuesday, February 25th
El club de español Tuesday, February 25th
Embruindery at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
Environmental Student Netwrok (ESN) Monday, February 24th
Expressive Movement Initiative Tuesday, March 3rd
Falun Dafa at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
Fellowship for International Service and Health Monday, March 2nd
Fighting Game Community at UCLA Thursday, February 27th
Formula Drone Friday, February 28th
Fresh Productions Art at UCLA Monday, March 2nd
Gamma Phi Beta Friday, February 28th
Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Thursday, February 27th
Gerofit@UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
Glendale Learning Program Monday, March 2nd
Global Medical Training at UCLA Monday, February 24th
GlobeMed at UCLA Wednesday, February 26th
God and Us Community (GNUC) Wednesday, February 26th
Grace on Campus Thursday, February 27th
Grupo Folklorico de UCLA Thursday, February 27th
Habitat for Humanity UCLA Chapter Friday, February 28th
Hands On Monday, March 2nd
Hanoolim: Korean Cultural Awareness Group at UCLA Wednesday, February 26th
Heartstringz @ UCLA Tuesday, February 25th
Hellenic Student Association Monday, March 2nd
Her Campus at UCLA Friday, February 28th
Hermanas Unidas Tuesday, March 3rd
HIV Counseling and Testing Coalition Wednesday, February 26th
Hong Kong Student Society Friday, February 28th
HOSA @ UCLA Monday, February 24th
Hugs in a Blanket Tuesday, February 25th
Hui O 'Imiloa- Hawai'i Club at UCLA Thursday, February 27th
IBDetermined Monday, March 2nd
IEEE WIE Tuesday, March 3rd
IGNITE at UCLA Monday, February 24th
Indonesian Bruin Student Association Tuesday, March 3rd
International Graduate Student Ministry Tuesday, February 25th
InterVarsity Bruin Christian Fellowship Monday, February 24th
J Street U at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
Japanese Student Association at UCLA Thursday, February 27th
Kappa Alpha Pi Tuesday, February 25th
Kappa Psi Epsilon Sorority, Inc. Wednesday, February 26th
Kids Korner at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
Klesis Monday, March 2nd
Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Incorporated Friday, February 28th
Lapu the Coyote that Cares Monday, March 2nd
Latinx Film and Theatre Association Tuesday, March 3rd
Latinx Greek Council Tuesday, March 3rd
Latinxs/Chicanxs for Community Medicine Tuesday, February 25th
Lavender Health Alliance Thursday, February 27th
Lend An Ear Friday, February 28th
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
Live Action UCLA Tuesday, February 25th
MakeNew Christian Fellowship Tuesday, February 25th
Maranatha Monday, February 24th
Matriculate Friday, February 28th
MEChA de UCLA Friday, February 28th
Medical Aid Initiative Monday, March 2nd
Medical Friends Thursday, February 27th
Medicine and Art Monday, March 2nd
Mental Health Initiative at UCLA Thursday, February 27th
Mentors Empowering and Nurturing Through Education (MENTE) Friday, February 28th
MentorSEAS Wednesday, February 26th
Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA) Friday, February 28th
Minority Association of Pre-medical Students Monday, March 2nd
mixed student union ucla Thursday, February 27th
ModelUN at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
Morning Sign Out at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
Mortar Board Senior Honor Society Tuesday, February 25th
Music Club Tuesday, February 25th
Music Meditation Club Tuesday, March 3rd
Muslim Student Association Wednesday, February 26th
Muslim Union Tuesday, February 25th
National Pancreas Foundation at UCLA Friday, February 28th
Net Impact Tuesday, March 3rd
Nikkei Student Union at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
On That Note A Cappella Friday, February 28th
One-to-One Tuesday, February 25th
Operation smile at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
Organization for African-American Students Excelling in STEM Wednesday, February 26th
Pakistani Student Association Thursday, February 27th
Pathway Club Friday, February 28th
Pathway Painting Program Monday, March 2nd
Pediatric AIDS Coalition Monday, March 2nd
Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity Wednesday, February 26th
Phi Sigma Rho Sorority Monday, February 24th
Pi Beta Phi Sorority Tuesday, March 3rd
Pi Kappa Alpha Thursday, February 27th
Pi Sigma Epsilon Tuesday, March 3rd
Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership Friday, February 28th
Pilipinos for Community Health Thursday, February 27th
Pre-Law Society at UCLA Tuesday, February 25th
Pre-Law Transfer Society at UCLA Wednesday, February 26th
Pre-Medical Peer Association Tuesday, February 25th
Pre-Optometry Society Tuesday, March 3rd
Pre-Pharmacy Society at UCLA Friday, February 28th
Project B.R.I.T.E. Friday, February 28th
Project Literacy at UCLA Thursday, February 27th
Project Lux Tuesday, February 25th
Project RISHI UCLA Monday, March 2nd
Project SPELL at UCLA Tuesday, February 25th
Project Sunshine Wednesday, February 26th
Raza Youth Conference Monday, March 2nd
readymade Friday, February 28th
Reformed University Fellowship Monday, February 24th
Remnant Ministry Thursday, February 27th
Renewable Energy Association Monday, February 24th
Resonance A Cappella Monday, February 24th
Road To Damascus A Cappella Friday, February 28th
Rooftop: Bible Study and Christian Fellowship Monday, February 24th
Safe Parking UCLA Wednesday, February 26th
Samahang Pilipino Monday, March 2nd
Saving Hearts Foundation Tuesday, March 3rd
ScatterTones Thursday, February 27th
ScatterTones Monday, March 2nd
Shapes Club Tuesday, February 25th
She Can Do It Tuesday, March 3rd
She’s the First at UCLA Friday, February 28th
Shenanigans Comedy Club Thursday, February 27th
Sigma Delta Sigma Monday, March 2nd
Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Friday, February 28th
Sigma Pi Beta Monday, March 2nd
Sikh Student Association Tuesday, March 3rd
Society for Physical and Occupational Therapy at UCLA Friday, February 28th
Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers Monday, March 2nd
Soka Gakkai International @ UCLA Monday, February 24th
Spanish Language Circle Thursday, February 27th
Speak Out for Surgery Tuesday, March 3rd
Spikeball Club at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
Student Alumni Association Tuesday, March 3rd
Student Giving Commitee Wednesday, February 26th
Students for Integrative Medicine Thursday, February 27th
Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Friday, February 28th
Students Organize for Syria Thursday, February 27th
Students Supporting Israel Wednesday, February 26th
Super Smash Bros. Club At UCLA Monday, March 2nd
SWC Body Image Task Force Tuesday, March 3rd
SWC Bruin Run/Walk Friday, February 28th
SWC EARTH Monday, March 2nd
SWC Student Education and Research of Contemporary Health Wednesday, February 26th
SWC Total Wellness Monday, March 2nd
Swipe Out Hunger Thursday, February 27th
Synapse at UCLA Friday, February 28th
TAMID Group at UCLA Monday, March 2nd
Tau Beta Sigma Friday, February 28th
Tealightful Monday, March 2nd
Team HBV Thursday, February 27th
Teo-Chew Association Thursday, February 27th
Thai Student Association Monday, March 2nd
The Beautiful Mind Project Tuesday, March 3rd
The Black Pre-Health Organization Monday, March 2nd
The Bruin Blood Initiative Friday, February 28th
The Bruin Experiment Thursday, February 27th
The Bruin Group Monday, February 24th
The Building Heroes Project at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
The Central Valley Project at UCLA Tuesday, February 25th
The College Awareness Project Thursday, February 27th
The iKNITiative Monday, February 24th
The Paper. Mixtape Magazine Wednesday, February 26th
The Roosevelt Institute at UCLA Monday, March 2nd
The Undergraduate Business Society Wednesday, February 26th
The Westwood Enabler Tuesday, March 3rd
The Writer's Den Tuesday, February 25th
Themed Entertainment Association at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
Theta Kappa Phi Tuesday, March 3rd
Theta Tau at UCLA Thursday, February 27th
Together Educating and Advocating Community Health (TEACH) Wednesday, February 26th
Tree of Life Fellowship Monday, March 2nd
TURNING POINT UCLA Wednesday, February 26th
UAS@UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
UCLA Bruin Democrats Monday, March 2nd
UCLA Chess Club Tuesday, March 3rd
UCLA Radio Monday, March 2nd
UConsulting LA Tuesday, March 3rd
UMMA Volunteer Project (UVP) Monday, March 2nd
Undergraduate Communication Association Tuesday, February 25th
Undergraduate investment Society Monday, March 2nd
Unheard Cries Charity Tuesday, March 3rd
United Khmer Students Thursday, February 27th
United Nations Association at UCLA Friday, February 28th
Universities Allied for Essential Medicines Friday, February 28th
Unravel at UCLA Tuesday, March 3rd
USAC CAC Friday, February 28th
USAC Community Service Commission Monday, March 2nd
USAC Facilities Commission Wednesday, February 26th
USAC Office of the Internal Vice President Tuesday, March 3rd
USAC Office of the President Wednesday, February 26th
USAC Student Wellness Commission Tuesday, March 3rd
USAC SWC CPR and First Aid Program Friday, February 28th
Vietnamese Community Health Tuesday, March 3rd
Watts Tutorial Program Wednesday, February 26th
Wazo Connect Wednesday, February 26th
Westwood Enabler Tuesday, March 3rd
Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE) Tuesday, March 3rd
Womxn’s Leadership Conference Monday, February 24th
WTS@UCLA Thursday, February 27th
Young Americans for Liberty Friday, February 28th
YOUTHphonics Tuesday, March 3rd
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Monday, March 2nd