Room Lottery
Student Union Event Services Lottery was established to give registered student organizations the opportunity to reserve next quarter’s meeting room and banner space without waiting in a long first-come, first served line. Only Registered Organizations with at least one student signatory can sign up for lottery.

How to Sign Up

All registered student organizations’ signatories will receive a Lottery Sign-up email from ASUCLA Student Union Lottery on Monday of Seventh Week. Simply respond to the email with the required information and you’re in!

For reservations during:

  • Fall Quarter, lottery is done in Spring
  • Winter Quarter, lottery is done in Fall
  • Spring Quarter, lottery is done in Winter
  • Summer Quarter, lottery is done in Spring

Important Dates to Know

May 15th – We send out the initial email to all registered signatories
May 17th – 5pm, Lottery sign-ups are closed
May 18th – Lottery results are posted
May 19th – First day of lottery meetings

When is my Appointment day?

Around noon on Thursday of Seventh Week, the Lottery results will be posted online and at Ackerman A-Level Information Window.

Please note:

  • Appointments begin on Friday of Seventh week and continue until all eligible organizations have the opportunity to make a reservation.
  • Appointments are not transferable between groups.

What to do on my Appointment Day?

  • On the date of your lottery appointment, a registered student group’s signatory has two options:

    1. Drop in on a first-come, first-served basis between 9 am – 5 pm.
    2. If you’re pressed for time, sign up for a same-day appointment time. Although you can sign up for an appointment at any point during the day, appointments are only offered between 1:00 pm and 4:30 pm. If you are more than ten minutes late for your same-day appointment, your appointment will be cancelled.

    Please note:

    • Remember to be prepared with alternate choices for meeting rooms, times and dates. Meeting room and banner space allocation is not guaranteed.
    • You must come in to make your lottery reservation on your appointment day. You cannot reschedule.
    • If you miss your appointment day, you can make next quarter’s reservation after the Lottery appointment period.
    • After the Lottery appointment period, appointments are not necessary to make meeting room reservations for the upcoming quarter.

What can I reserve?

  • Each registered student organization will be allowed to reserve up to two hours of meeting space per week.
  • Once all Lottery appointments are completed, each registered student organization may reserve an additional two hours per week (for a total of four hours per week)
  • Additionally, registered student organizations may reserve all available meeting space 5 business days prior to the reservation date requested.

Due to limited banner space:

  • Each registered student organization will be allowed to reserve one banner space for one week.
  • Once all Lottery appointments are completed, each registered student organization may reserve one additional banner space for one week.
  • Student groups may also sign up for one week of waiting list banner space.