How do I plan events for Bruin Plaza?

Bruin Plaza is an outdoor venue that can be used for various activities from noon concerts to food sales. Amplified sound is limited to the 12-1pm hour. The venue is reserved at Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement and equipment is requested at the Student Union Event Services Office at least one week in advance. Please review these guidelines.

How do I plan events for Meyerhoff Park?

Meyerhoff Park is a free speech venue and the ideal location for a noon speaking event. Your organization must reserve the space with your CSP advisor and bring the sound request to the Student Union Event Services Office at least 3 days in advance.

What are the meanings of the Events Online Status?

  1. Deactivated – The Event Organizer has not submitted the application in the time allotted. The Event Organizer should contact the Scheduler and have them Re-activate the event application.
  2. In Progress – The Event Organizer has submitted the application and the Facilitators and CSP Advisor are reviewing the application.
  3. Confirmed – The CSP Advisor authorized the Application.
  4. Past Due – The CSP Advisor(s) did not sign the application in the allotted time and the application is still unconfirmed.
  5. Denied – The CSP Advisor or Facilitators have denied authorization but the Scheduler has not Cancelled the application yet.
  6. Cancelled – The application was cancelled by the Scheduler.

Can I advertise my event or student group in the Student Union?

Yes! We have multiple ways you can advertise.  Check our the Advertising link on the left.

Where do we reserve classrooms?

If you are interested in reserving classrooms on campus please contact the UCLA Events Office at Kerckhoff Hall 168 or call the main office (310) 825-8989.

I missed the Lottery. Can I still reserve meeting rooms?

Yes, you can still reserve meeting rooms but you will have to wait until after the last day of lottery appointments. For more details refer to the Lottery Guidelines.

Can my registered student group co-host an event with an outside company, non-profit, or UCLA department?

Co-hosting with an outside company or non-profit can be a very rewarding and educational experience for your group. However, the rules regarding co-hosting an event with anyone other than a fellow UCLA registered student group are very strict. In order to receive the student group benefits (free venue rental, reduced rates, etc), the entirety of the event must be initiated, programmed, planned, and executed by the registered student group members. Please speak with your ASUCLA event manager and your CSP advisor to see what your options are.