We have eight digital screens located throughout Ackerman Union and Kerckhoff Hall. We welcome advertisements from registered student groups, university depts, private parties, and marketing companies.

General Specifications

  • Digital Flyers for advertisements of events held in Student Union facilities will be given priority. Each Digital Flyer will be displayed for approximately 10-15 seconds per rotation.

      • Each rotation contains ~30 slides, thus space is limited and not guaranteed.

Graphic Requirements

  • The screen resolution for a flyer is 1366px x 768px.

    Flyers must be in the following formats: .jpg, .png, .gif, or .swf

Digital Flyers are due 1 week before the desired post date

      • If a flyer does not meet graphic requirements, slide posting by the requested date is not guaranteed.
      • Please email your submission to StudentUnionAdvertising@asucla.ucla.edu
      • Don’t forget to include preferred start and end date.

    Please note that as our digital flyer program develops, we may make changes to these guidelines.

Registered Student Groups (including USA & GSA)

    • Events advertised must be open to the public.
    • Flyer posting is not guaranteed due to space limitations
    • Group may post one flyer per Student Union event free of charge.
      • Flyer to be displayed the week immediately preceding the event (for seven consecutive days)
      • Flyers announcing or advertising time sensitive events/ activities will be deleted at the end of the event, even if it runs for fewer than seven days
      • If you would like the flyer to be posted for longer than one week, you may purchase additional time.
  • We also welcome non-Union event flyers at the rates below:

    • $5 per day
    • $100 per month (30 days)
    • $25 per week

University Departments

  • With each Student Union event booking, the Department may post one flyer.

    Each flyer is displayed the day before and the day of the event. If you would like your flyer tobe posted for more than these two days, you may purchase additional time.

    We also welcome non-Union event flyers at the rates below:

    • $10 per day
    • $60 per week
    • $200 per month (30 days)

Off-Campus Organizations

  • For Student Union event clients:
    For free-admission events located in the Union, Off-Campus Organizations may purchase digital flyer space.

      • $20 per day
      • $120 per week
      • $400 per month (30 days)

    If there is an admission charge for the event, different rates apply.  Please contact your event manager for details.