ASUCLA Student Union Event Services is delighted to assist you with scheduling and hanging banners in approved locations on Bruin Walk and in the Student Union. Please note the following guidelines to ensure that we can properly facilitate your request.


    • The Student Union Reservationist schedules banner space for the Bruin Walk banner poles (Front and Back) and the bridge between Ackerman Union and Kerckhoff Hall on the 2nd level (North and South).
    •  To accommodate the maximum number of requests, registered student organizations and University affiliated organizations are limited to no more than two banner space reservation per quarter, in addition to one wait list reservation.
    • UCLA affiliated organizations will be billed a fee for each one-week reservation.

Banner Specifications

    • Sturdy canvas or vinyl with grommets (must be rated for outdoor use).
    • Install grommets at 1) each corner one inch from the edge, 2) banner midpoint along the top and bottom edges, and 3) five feet from banner midpoint on each side.
    • At least 5 wind vents for banners to be hung on Bruin Walk and at least two for banners to be hung on the bridge between Ackerman and Kerckhoff.
    • For banners to be hung on Bruin Walk, the dimensions are exactly 20 x 3 feet.
    • For banners to be hung on the bridge between Ackerman Union and Kerckhoff Hall, the dimensions should be no smaller than 6 x 2 feet and no larger than 20 x 3 feet.

Banner Hanging

    • If your banner does not meet the specifications listed above, the banner will not be installed.
    • The ASUCLA Student Union cannot install registered student organizsation banners that are not approved by the Center for Student Programming (CSP, 310.825.7041, 105 Kerckhoff Hall).
    • Deliver your approved banner to the Student Union Information Window, Ackerman A-Level, by 5:00 pm on the Friday prior to the first day of your reservation. Installation of banners received after the deadline is not guaranteed.
    • Student Group Banners not received by Sunday prior to the first day of your reservation will count as a No Show Student Union violation. Banner reservations must be cancelled at least three business days prior to avoid penalties.
    • Wait-List: If a confirmed banner is not delivered by 5:00 pm on the Friday prior to the first day of the reservation, then the wait-listed organizations banner will be installed.


    • The registered organization or University department has five business days after the last day of the reservation to pick-up the banner from the Student Union Information Window.
    • After this period, banners are submitted to ASUCLA Lost and Found.
    • ASUCLA is not liable for theft of or damage to banners.