Mission Vision
  • Mission Statement

    The Associated Students UCLA, as a responsive student-centered organization, provides innovative and excellent services, programs, products, and facilities for the entire UCLA community.

  • Vision Statement

    The Associated Students UCLA is a student-led organization that creates the strongest, longest-lasting memories for every member of the UCLA Community.

Association Goals

  • Products

    To provide essential and convenient items that are easily accessible, of high quality and low cost, including, but not limited to, academic support, food, trademark merchandise, and convenience products. In addition, to continue evaluating the utility and convenience of all products to make improvements that will best serve the UCLA community.

  • Facilities

    To provide a welcoming environment that contains as much space as possible for the optimal functioning of general academic support, student governments, student organizations, and social gatherings. To have state-of-the-art venues for programming, and efficient, aesthetic and multi-functional commercial outlets.

  • Programs

    To provide and support a diversified array of programming by prioritizing student-run, student-initiated, student-centered programming that reflects the needs of the campus community in order to enhance educational, cultural, and developmental social interaction.

  • Services

    To provide an outstanding level of support to student government, student groups, and student programs through state-of-the-art office and community spaces, and by providing adequate financial resources and personnel to ensure an active and vibrant campus life.