Public Domain Coffee Brewing TODAY at ASUCLA Coffee Houses

Public Domain Coffee Coming to ASUCLA Coffee Houses


Westwood, Calif. – Jan. 30, 2020If you love the smell of coffee in the morning, get ready to take in a new aroma around campus, as ASUCLA introduces Public Domain coffee to some of its coffeehouses next week.

The new coffee will be available on campus starting Monday, Feb. 3, at Kerckhoff Coffeehouse, Bruin Buzz, Music Café, Untitled, at Broad Art Center and Northern Lights. On Monday at each location, UCLA students, staff and faculty can get fun giveaways and try free samples. The offerings comprise four new brews, including fair-trade organic and rainforest alliance options.

ASUCLA coffee houses will be the first locations outside of a standalone brick-and-mortar coffee shop in Portland, Ore., to offer Public Domain.

“We are excited to introduce Public Domain coffee and to provide a new taste to Bruins,” said Cindy Bolton, ASUCLA Director of Food Operations. “After elevating some of our other coffee houses with Peet’s, Starbucks and Intelligentsia offerings, Public Domain presents another opportunity to bring more third-wave coffee to campus.”

Public Domain coffee got its start in Portland in 2010 and is known for providing hand-crafted, small-batch coffees from around the globe. It focuses on single-origin coffee, which are beans that are sourced from a singular producer, crop or region in one country. Each coffee-growing region has its own unique flavor profile and lighter roasts allow for the beans’ inherent flavors to shine through. Public Domain strives to encompass the quality, sustainability methods, and story that bring people together through the taste of lighter roast, exquisite coffees.

ASUCLA’s single-origin offerings will rotate every two months to highlight a different origin each time.

The third-wave coffee movement refers to thinking about, enjoying and appreciating high-quality coffee in the same way we consume other artisanal food, such as wine and cheese. The movement seeks to highlight the unique flavors and characteristics derived from the diversity of bean cultivars, different methods of growth, cultivation, processing and roasting, and variables in beverage preparation. Distinct from the first two waves, the third wave of coffee prioritizes taste quality, unique flavors, and equitable relationships over low prices and standardizations in flavor.

Public Domain coffee is provided by Farmer Brothers, which currently provides ASUCLA coffee houses with Wild Owl coffee. Public Domain will replace the Wild Owl brand that was developed specifically for college campuses and was piloted at UCLA in August 2018.