Wescom Credit Union Officially Opens at Ackerman Union on UCLA Campus

Wescom Credit Union Officially Opens at Ackerman Union on UCLA Campus

Westwood, Calif – Dec. 5, 2019 – To provide the Bruin community with more banking options on campus and consistent with a campus-wide agreement, ASUCLA and Wescom Credit Union officially opened a new branch in Ackerman Union on Friday, Nov. 22.


The grand opening moment featured a tour of the new branch as well as a reception on the outside terrace that included food, games, prizes and music that was open to all students.


Bringing Wescom Credit Union – which is accessible in the seven Southern California counties – to UCLA was a priority for ASUCLA. The new branch provides a direct benefit to UCLA students, giving them access to financial information and resources on campus.


“This collaboration between our association, the students of UCLA and Wescom is the result of many months of dialogue, negotiations and a sincere good faith effort to bring mutual value to our campus and Wescom,” said ASUCLA Executive Director & CEO Pouria Abbassi. “Wescom consistently affirmed that it was most interested in reaching a destination that has the best result for the Bruins.”


The Wescom branch soft-opened inside Ackerman Union in September in a remodeled space. Its presence adjacent to the first-floor dining room allows UCLA students, staff and faculty to have easy access to banking, right in the heart of campus.


In addition to the new bank branch inside Ackerman Union, Wescom is also sponsoring the renovation of the outside terrace next to the first-floor dining room, which is scheduled to be completed in 2020 and will be named the Wescom Student Terrace.


The collaboration with Wescom is the latest partnership ASUCLA has brokered to bring new resources and experiences to UCLA students. This summer, ASUCLA began serving Starbucks coffee at the Anderson Café, and in November, ASUCLA partnered with Under Armour to host a tailgate party in Ackerman Union, for Bruin fans to enjoy the UCLA vs. Utah football game.