NYFW18-New-York Fashion-Week-2018-UCLA

NYFW18 – New York Fashion Week 2018 -UCLA

NYFW18 – New York Fashion Week 2018 – UCLA

Hello! My name is Katie Kim and I am a Senior studying Communications at UCLA. This past weekend, I was given the incredible opportunity to represent UCLA at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) courtesy of UCLA Lifestyle and IMG College. As a long-time fan of all things fashion, it was a dream to be able to attend the exclusive, invite-only event. Happening twice a year (once in the Fall and once in the Spring), NYFW is an iconic week that celebrates the hottest trends, designers, and anything related to the fashion industry for that season.

Throughout my weekend, IMG College planned a multitude of events and experiences for us in the city. IMG College selected around 20 universities to participate in this trip, each university representative (or representatives) sharing a passion for pursuing a professional career in the fashion industry. I am personally pursuing a career as a Fashion Buyer in corporate retail and just finished an internship as an Assistant Buyer Intern for Ross Inc. in Downtown LA.

One of the coolest experiences during this trip was visiting the Champion Design Studio in their corporate office in New York. The studio was filled with digital sketches, lavish mood boards, and striking visual inspiration for their various upcoming collections. Champion has also just begun to open their very first Brick-and-Motor stores (one in NY and the other in LA) which is rare in a time where all retail has shifted online. However, the most intriguing part of this visit lay in the fact that much of UCLA’s own licensed apparel is made by Champion. To see the birthplace of some of my favorite blue and gold gear was an unforgettable experience.

Following the Champion Design Studio, we were lucky enough to network with some executives at Macy’s corporate office in Herald Square. This was an immensely insightful opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of corporate retail.

The most memorable experience, however, was seeing the Self-Portrait Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear show at Spring Studios. To see the actual runway, outfits, models, and designer Han Chong in person – instead of watching the show online like many of us students do – was an absolute dream. The immense detail in everything, from the runway’s set and lighting to the models’ hair and makeup, was incredible. This was definitely my favorite part of the trip!

Being in the city during one of the most critical periods for the fashion industry was an experience in itself. Everywhere you went, whether it be near Spring Studios (where most of the shows and events relating to NYFW were held) or further away in other places of the city, there was a sense of excitement and chaos related to fashion week. New York’s street style was also incredibly inspiring, as every attendee was very much dressed to impress throughout the weekend.

Thank you so much UCLA Lifestyle and IMG College for an unforgettable trip. Thank you for believing and investing in the next generation of students hoping to make their mark is the fashion industry.

– Katie Kim