Associated Students UCLA (ASUCLA) UCPath

UCPath is the University of California’s priority program to implement a single payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees replacing UC’s 35-year old Payroll/ Personnel System (PPS).  ASUCLA––along with UC Riverside and UC Merced––will adopt the new system as part of the Pilot phase of the project scheduled to “go-live” in December 2017. Explore the UCPath website for more information and news about the system-wide project including Quick Facts and General FAQs.

ASUCLA Project Team

Michelle Moyer, Director of Business Affairs and Compliance
Karen Noh, Project Manager
Kamran Mehdian, IT Lead
Janelle Marcus, Payroll Subject Matter Expert
Jacqueline Payne, Training Lead

HR/ Payroll Team-Trina Scruggs, Caroline Gibbons, Jamie Jackson Lynn, Andrew Segura

IT Team-Jason Lin, Carol Cao

Finance Team-Donna Baker, Claire Baek

Key Dates & Timeline

November 2017

  • Open Enrollment
  • Payroll Parallel Testing
  • Launch Employee Training, In-Person & Web
  • Deadlines for Hiring & Payroll Changes

December 2017

  • Final Paychecks from PPS (existing system)
  • “Go Live” on UCPath
  • Winter Hiring Rush Preparation

January 2018

  • First Paychecks from UCPath
  • Winter Hiring Rush
  • What are we working on now?

    • User Acceptance Testing – user acceptance of system and business processes by Department Managers and the Payroll Team.
    • Payroll Parallel Testing 2.0 – validation of Paychecks
    • Developing interfaces that will transfer information between our local systems (Kronos, HP/ Ratex) and UCPath & Preparation of local technical environments
    • In-person collaboration between ASUCLA Human Resources/Payroll and UCPath Center to review all business processes.
    • Continued validation and preparation of data to ensure accurate information in the new system
    • Documentation of new procedures and processes
    • Manager Training
    • Communication Plan
    • Cutover/ Deployment Plan
    • Implementation Readiness